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Bissell Products For Your Company’s Bathroom


Whether you work in an office building, at a restaurant, or a retail location, one of the most important cleaning projects is the daily upkeep of your bathroom. This is especially true depending on how many people share this bathroom. Bathrooms at local businesses that are open to the public need even more upkeep to keep them clean day to day. For you and your staff, the employee bathroom or public restroom is the only option for 40 hours a week, every week. Daily cleaning is necessary to keep your bathroom looking and smelling clean, but more importantly than the frequency of cleanings, is the methods and tools you use.

Floor Scrubbing Machines For Restrooms

The traditional office bathroom has tiled floors. If your bathroom has grout and tile, you need a tool that can scrub this area effectively. Floor scrubbing machines can help remove unsightly stains while also destroying odors. By combining floor scrubbing with polishing you can remove grime and dirt from bathroom floors and leave the tiles shining. The BGFS5000 for example includes polishing pads, buffing pads, and scrubbing brushes. With these three different options, you can effectively clean and disinfect tile flooring and then effectively polish and buff the floors. It’s a cost-efficient 3-in-1 option that can make cleaning bathroom floors much easier.

Equipment For Cleaning Bathroom Sinks & Toilets

While it is important to effectively clean the floors of your bathroom, you also need to clean sinks, toilets, and urinals. Instead of hurting your arms trying to scrub away soap scum and grime with a sponge, you should invest in a hand scrubbing tool. The BGCC500 for example is a lightweight battery-powered scrubber designed to clean walls, ceilings, and of course sinks and toilets. This dual scrubber and polisher can remove and grime or residue from the surfaces of sinks and toilet bowls which can also decrease any odors. This same tool can also effectively be used for kitchens, making it the perfect tool for restaurants. This can cut hours out of cleaning up grease stains and tough to remove food as well as cleaning bathrooms.

Get Cleaning Products From Bissell

If you need new cleaning products for your business or commercial facility we would be happy to help you. At Bissell BigGreen Commercial we have a large selection of commercial cleaning products designed to decrease cleaning times and make cleaning more efficient for businesses big and small. Feel free to browse through our various products, or get in contact with our team to learn more about our products and get recommendations.