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How Often Should An Office Be Vacuumed?

Your employees spend upwards of 40 hours per week in your office space. Keeping the office clean and sanitized is a must for a healthy working environment. Plus, if you have customers or clients coming in, a clean office can better demonstrate your professionalism. While it is obvious that you need to clean the office when there are clear messes, you should also be aware of the small details. Dust and dirt don’t only harm the look of your carpets, they also affect air quality, and can lead to fraying.

What Type Of Vacuums Are Best For An Office

The perfect vacuum or vacuums for your office are dependent on a few factors. The size of your office will definitely impact what type of vacuums you should use. Additionally, if you are cleaning the office yourself, you are going to want a vacuum that makes sense for you. While many offices either have a janitorial company or commercial cleaning company that helps them with weekly or bi-weekly cleanings, you should still have cleaning tools on hand. Arguably, upright vacuums are the traditional choice for an office space. Some things to look for when getting an office vacuum cleaner are the attachments, the size of the vacuum, and other components. We recommend lightweight vacuums, that have tool kits that make it easier to clean multiple areas, and that also feature air filters. The BGU8000 for example only weighs 8 pounds, is self-adjusting for both bare floors and carpeted areas, and filtration bags to remove dust and dirt from the air.

How Often Should You Clean The Office

Carpet & floor cleaning timelines can differ from building to building. One of the biggest impacts on your cleaning schedule is foot traffic. Entrance matting and high traffic areas of your office should be vacuumed daily to prevent dirt from building up. Usually one of the areas that need the most care is the area around the elevators or front doors because debris from outside is often brought in here. Lower traffic areas including separate offices and hallways likely need to be vacuumed 2-3 times every week. However, some staffs find it easiest to just clean the entire office at once on a weekly basis to ensure that carpets and floors are taken care of. If you have a cleaning team that comes in weekly, you should still invest in a 2-in-1 vacuum to handle day-to-day cleaning needs especially if there is a spill or another mess.

Commercial Vacuums For Sale Online

Visit our vacuums section of the website to learn more about commercial vacuum cleaners that can benefit your office or other commercial property. If you have questions about any of our equipment please contact us.