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Product Highlight: The Bissell BG10

When it comes to commercial cleaning, less is more. And by less, we mean less equipment. Bissell Commercial cleaning products are all designed to decrease the number of individual products you need. So many of our pieces of equipment are versatile, multi-use, and can tackle many different projects. By decrease the number of products you need, storage is easier, and you can get more out of what you have. However, there are some situations where you need a special tool for a very specific job. The BG10 extractor is one such tool. The BG10 provides efficient professional results for carpet cleaning and stain removal. When it comes to stain removal and carpet cleaning there is no product on the market as effective as the BG10 extractor.

How Does the BG10 Extractor Work?

The BG10 extractor removes debris from carpets and rugs as well as set-in stains. The BG10 extractor combines multiple technologies for the best carpet cleaning. Utilizing two motors, the DirtLifter® power brush lifts dirt and debris from the surface of your carpet or rug. The BG10 has two separate tanks, one for cleaning solution and the other for storing dirt and debris that is pulled up. The extractor uses high pressure (26 PSI) to dislodge dirt, grease, and grime from deep within carpets, and the power brush and to pull all the debris into the recovery tank.

Why Should You Get The BG10 Extractor?

The BG10 Extractor is perfect for carpet cleaning. We highly recommend it for commercial cleaning companies, janitorial staff, and other commercial properties. Vacuuming can remove some dirt and debris from the top surface of your carpets, but you will need an extractor to get dirt, grease, and grime buried deep in the carpet. With the BG10 extractor, you can professionally clean carpets affordably and efficiently. This machine is designed to use less water which means it is better for the environment and your carpets will dry faster.

BG10 Extractor Accessories

It wouldn’t be a Bissell Commercial product if it didn’t come with accessories designed to increase its versatility. The BG10 can be improved with the 30G3 Hose & Upholstery Tool. This tool turns your BG10 into more than just a carpet cleaner. As the name suggests you can use the same powerful motors and pumps to pull stains and debris out of upholstered furniture.

Order A BG10 Today

If you would like to order a BG10 for your commercial cleaning company, office space, residential apartment building, or other business, you can easily place an order online. Don’t forget the related products; including the upholstery tool and the cleaning formula that combines cleaner and defoamer. If you have any questions about the BG10 extractor and its attachments feel free to give us a call or send us a message on our website.