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The best in professional deep cleaning equipment

Since 1876

Founded by Anna and Melville Bissell in 1876, Bissell remains a family-owned company passionate about helping you effectively and easily clean your home so you can put down the vacuum, enjoy life and come home to a deeper clean. Bissell BigGreen commercial is committed to bringing that same passion to the commercial equipment industry through our dedication to customer service, development of quality products and focus on innovative ideas to maximize the efficiency of commercial cleaning. Our products service many different industries with the goal of helping each business foster the cleanest environment possible through efficiency and innovation.

A Legacy of Quality

To say that we know our way around cleaning equipment is an understatement. Our co-founder, Melville R. Bissell invented the floor sweeper in 1876. Today, Bissell BigGreen Commercial takes that vison to the commercial industry through our commitment to being a global leader in the design, manufacture, and service of high quality commercial products.

Increased Efficiency

The Bissell name is synonymous with cleaning efficiency. Bissell BigGreen Commercial brings that legacy to the commercial industry by applying our company core values to our commercial products. From our first carpet sweepers and upright vacuum cleaners to our industry-leading deep cleaners, we’ve developed products and programs that help our commercial customers maximize efficiency in the cleaning process on all types of floors.

Innovative Products

Bissell BigGreen Commercial is committed to introducing innovative cleaning products and programs that not only provide greater cleaning efficiency but bottom line savings as well. The commercial industry is constantly evolving, which is why we continuously find new ways to address the challenges and the needs of our commercial clients.

High-quality commercial cleaning machines

from Bissell Big Green Commercial

The BISSELL name is synonymous with cleaning efficiency. From the design of our first carpet sweepers to our industry-leading deep cleaning systems, we’ve developed ideas and products that make life easier and are easy to use. This same thinking is incorporated into a new line of professional cleaning products. Working with product development partners, we can now offer a series of products built to perform exclusively in harsh, commercial environments.

Cleaning machines for every market

Solutions for Your Industry

Our products are diverse and can be used in almost any application or setting. We are proud to provide solutions for a variety of industries, including:

– Education
– Healthcare
– Businesses
– Retail
– Food and Beverage
– Hospitality
– Janitorial
– Municipalities
– Government

From Our Customers

Still on the fence about trying a Bissell carpet cleaner? We invite you to read some of the glowing product reviews our customers have happily left for us:
  • We here At All Brand Vacuums have been working with Bissell Commercial for more than 8 years. In all that time, I cannot recall having been dis-satisfied with their attention to my requests or needs. I represent 21 vacuum brands of portable & Central vacuums as an Authorized Warranty Service Center. My business relationships with the Bissell Commercial team has been at the top of the list of suppliers I deal with daily. Customer Service is the key to my success over the years and I expect it from my suppliers. I receive it from Bissell Commercial…thank you guys!

    Chris Feigl
    All Brand Vacuums Lake Norman, Inc. | Denver, NC
  • When talking about Bissell Commercial, you can think extractors all you want. I think of the BGU1451T Upright Vacuum. When you factor in commercial quality, on-board tools and that price point…you just can’t lose! In five years of selling the unit, we have yet to have a customer have even the smallest issue with the unit.

    Bruce W. Heller
    President | Cavalier Inc.
  • My wife and I run a for life sanctuary for cats with feline leukemia out of our home. We currently have 7 adults cats that are on all kinds of meds. This causes plenty of accidents on our carpets, so life around our house is rather difficult, having to clean carpet many times a year… I have seen many different models of carpet cleaners come and go… About 4 months ago I was introduced to the BG10 carpet Extractor. I was impressed by the large brush, and the capacity of both tanks…after just 1 time over the area the carpet now has nape to it and we can feel the padding again. The fact the it was dry in about 2 hours was a big help. We were both very impressed…Currently, I use our experience with the BG10 to help other people get the same high quality clean we got by recommending this unit.

    Michael W. Johnson
    Nevada Vacuum

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Bissell Big Green Commercial : Bissell Carpet Cleaner, Cleaning Solutions, and More

The best in professional deep cleaning equipment

It is no secret that a clean and organized environment is key to improving productivity and morale. As such, the demand for professional commercial cleaning services and equipment throughout the United States has risen in recent years. Whether you are a commercial cleaning service or a commercial property looking to keep everything neat and tidy, you definitely want to get your hands on some of the most efficient cleaning equipment in the country. That’s exactly what you get when you purchase your equipment from us.

Our Cleaning Equipment

At Bissell Big Green Commercial, our goal is to be your one-stop shop for all of your cleaning needs. We take great pride in our line-up of upright vacuum cleaners and other cleaning equipment. Each and every piece of equipment is specifically engineered to provide users with the ultimate combination of cleaning power and cleaning efficiency. Whether you are looking to add new equipment for your office cleaning business or you are simply looking for something to help keep your carpets clean on a daily basis, you simply cannot go wrong with a Bissell carpet cleaner.

Some of the types of cleaning equipment we carry include:

– Vacuums
– Power Sweepers
– Extractors
– Sweepers
– Floor Machines
– Steam Machines
– Air Movers

We also carry our own range of effective cleaning formulas to choose from. All of our cleaning formulas were specially designed to complement the cleaning power and efficiency of our cleaning equipment. Earth-friendly cleaning formulas that have been rated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are also available for those who are concerned about the harsh chemicals that are often found in commercial cleaning products.

Interested in seeing some of our cleaning equipment and products in action? Head on over to our Media page and be blown away by the cleaning power and efficiency of our product line.

What We Represent

As one of the most trusted and recognized names in the cleaning equipment industry here in the United States, Bissell Big Green Commercial represents a wide variety of qualities, including efficiency, revolutionary designs and the ultimate in cleaning power.

Why Choose Us?

Every client who has ever used a Bissell carpet cleaner or any of our other products will all have their own reasons why you should choose us for your cleaning equipment needs. However, all of them definitely agree that Bissell Big Green Commercial should be your first and only choice. Here are some of the reasons why we should be your number one choice:

Solutions for Every Industry

Simply let us know how you plan to use your new cleaning equipment and what you will be cleaning with it. Our experienced sales team will be more than happy to show you the equipment that would be perfect for you. You can be confident that all of our suggestions are made with your best interests at heart. When we suggest something, it’s because we believe it’s the best fit. We will never force you to try something you don’t want and definitely don’t need.

Commitment to Quality

Whenever you choose cleaning equipment with our name on it, quality issues are never an issue. From the electrical components down to the last screw, all of our cleaning equipment is pure quality from top to bottom. We understand that the last thing you want to happen during an important cleaning session is for your equipment to break down halfway through. This is why we make sure that all of our equipment is made from high-quality materials. Similarly, each unit is thoroughly inspected by our quality control team to assure each client that they get a quality product every time.

Award Winning Designs

Our commitment to quality cleaning equipment isn’t just “lip service”. We take quality very seriously and it definitely shows in our products. In fact, many industry thought leaders agree. Over the years, Bissell Big Green Commercial has won several awards for the designs and cleaning power of our cleaning equipment. We are honored to have received highly prestigious awards, including the 2017 ADEX Design Journal Magazine Design Excellence award. This award-winning design is passed on to every client who uses a Bissell Big Green Commercial product. Experience award-winning quality for yourself!

Models for Every Task

The fact that different clients have different needs is not lost on us as we strive to be the nation’s one-stop shop for anything and everything commercial cleaning. This is why we have designed a wide range of cleaning equipment to choose from. Whether you are looking for a power sweeper to help keep the hallways of your school clean or you need a strong, yet lightweight, cleaner so your commercial cleaning service can start offering deep carpet cleaning, there is always something for everyone here at Bissell Big Green Commercial.

Amazing and Convenient Financing Options Available

When it comes to cleaning equipment and products, why settle for anything less than the best? Bissell Big Green Commercial is proud of the quality of our products, and we firmly believe that anyone looking for the best upright vacuum cleaners should definitely give our equipment a spin. This is why we offer a wide variety of amazing financing options. All you have to do is apply and we’ll provide you with a financing quote as soon as possible. We have partnered with some of the most trusted names in the financing marketplace to help you find the best financing option for your needs and budget.

Green Cleaning Solutions for Everyone!

The health of our environment is very important to us. Cleaning products and equipment are often associated with terms like “wasteful” and “harsh chemicals”. We make it a point to design and create equipment and cleaning products that break those connotations. Majority of our products are designed to reduce waste water, while some of our cleaning solutions have been tested and rated by the EPA, with more cleaning solutions to follow. Despite the eco-friendly nature of our cleaning products, we can assure our clients that the solutions are still as effective as their chemical counterparts. If all else is equal, wouldn’t you want to choose the one that helps keep our environment safe and clean for generations to come?

From Our Customers

From the day we opened our doors up to this very moment, we have done nothing but provide our clients with some of the very best cleaning equipment and cleaning products in the United States. Clients absolutely love our products and our commitment to customer satisfaction—and we are confident that you will have the exact same fantastic experience.

How May We Help You Today?

Unsure of which cleaning equipment or which particular model is most suited to your requirements? No worries! Simply get in touch and we’d be more than happy to provide you with a shortlist of equipment that match your needs perfectly.

For more information regarding our products, or if you would like to become a distributor of world-class quality Bissell equipment, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-242-1378. You may also send any inquiries by filling out the form on our Contact page. Our office hours are from 8AM to 5PM Eastern. We look forward to hearing from you.