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Since 1876

Founded by Anna and Melville Bissell in 1876, Bissell remains a family-owned company passionate about helping you effectively and easily clean your home so you can put down the vacuum, enjoy life and come home to a deeper clean. Bissell BigGreen commercial is committed to bringing that same passion to the commercial equipment industry through our dedication to customer service, development of quality products and focus on innovative ideas to maximize the efficiency of commercial cleaning. Our products service many different industries with the goal of helping each business foster the cleanest environment possible through efficiency and innovation.

A Legacy of Quality

Melville R. Bissell invented the floor sweeper in 1876. Today, Bissell BigGreen Commercial takes that vison to the commercial industry through our commitment to being a global leader in the design, manufacture, and service of high quality commercial products.

Increased Efficiency

The Bissell name is synonymous with cleaning efficiency. Bissell BigGreen Commercial brings that legacy to the commercial industry by applying our company core values to our commercial products. From our first carpet sweepers to our industry-leading deep cleaners, we’ve developed products and programs that help our commercial customers maximize efficiency in the cleaning process on all types of floors.

Innovative Products

Bissell BigGreen Commercial is committed to introducing innovative cleaning products and programs that not only provide greater cleaning efficiency but bottom line savings as well. The commercial industry is constantly evolving

High-quality commercial cleaning machines

from Bissell Big Green Commercial

The BISSELL name is synonymous with cleaning efficiency. From the design of our first carpet sweepers to our industry-leading deep cleaning systems, we’ve developed ideas and products that make life easier and are easy to use. This same thinking is incorporated into a new line of professional cleaning products. Working with product development partners, we can now offer a series of products built to perform exclusively in harsh, commercial environments.

Cleaning machines for every market

Solutions for Your Industry

We are proud to provide solutions for a variety of industries, including:

– Education
– Healthcare
– Businesses
– Retail
– Food and Beverage
– Hospitality
– Janitorial
– Municipalities
– Government

From Our Customers

  • We here At All Brand Vacuums have been working with Bissell Commercial for more than 8 years. In all that time, I cannot recall having been dis-satisfied with their attention to my requests or needs. I represent 21 vacuum brands of portable & Central vacuums as an Authorized Warranty Service Center. My business relationships with the Bissell Commercial team has been at the top of the list of suppliers I deal with daily. Customer Service is the key to my success over the years and I expect it from my suppliers. I receive it from Bissell Commercial…thank you guys!

    Chris Feigl
    All Brand Vacuums Lake Norman, Inc. | Denver, NC
  • When talking about Bissell Commercial, you can think extractors all you want. I think of the BGU1451T Upright Vacuum. When you factor in commercial quality, on-board tools and that price point…you just can’t lose! In five years of selling the unit, we have yet to have a customer have even the smallest issue with the unit.

    Bruce W. Heller
    President | Cavalier Inc.
  • My wife and I run a for life sanctuary for cats with feline leukemia out of our home. We currently have 7 adults cats that are on all kinds of meds. This causes plenty of accidents on our carpets, so life around our house is rather difficult, having to clean carpet many times a year… I have seen many different models of carpet cleaners come and go… About 4 months ago I was introduced to the BG10 carpet Extractor. I was impressed by the large brush, and the capacity of both tanks…after just 1 time over the area the carpet now has nape to it and we can feel the padding again. The fact the it was dry in about 2 hours was a big help. We were both very impressed…Currently, I use our experience with the BG10 to help other people get the same high quality clean we got by recommending this unit.

    Michael W. Johnson
    Nevada Vacuum

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