What Are The Benefits of Steam Cleaning Your Floors with the BGST1566

The BGST1566 is Bissell BigGreen Commercial’s PowerSteamer Steam Mop. Steam cleaning is one of the most effective ways to not just clean but sanitize a space. The heat from steam can help eliminate germs and bacteria. The BGST1566 is the perfect choice for cleaning wood floors and other hard surfaces like tile & grout. Steam cleaning uses just water to destroy bacteria and also remove sticky or greasy messes from the surface of your floors. If you are interested in getting this cleaning tool or would like a recommendation on cleaning equipment, please give us a call. 

How Does The BGST1566 Work?

The BGST1566 is an easy to use steam cleaning solution for your business. To get started make sure the mop pad has been attached to the mop head. The quick-grip release tab should be located in the back. 

Filling The Water Tank

The BGST1566 cleans with just water. You can remove the water tank by lifting it straight up and away from the unit. Then simply unscrew the cap and fill the tank with room temperature water. Put the cap back on and slide the water tank back into place. 

Choosing Your Steam Level

Once the water tank is in place, uncoil the cord and plug it into a 120-volt outlet. The SmartSet Steam Select Indicator light will glow once the steam mop is ready to be used. You can use the Steam Lever button to choose the level of steam you would like to use. There are three levels: 

  • Low for delicate floors
  • Medium for regular cleaning
  • High for durable floors or sticky messes

How To Clean Your Floors with the BGST1566

Before you start cleaning, make sure to sweep and/or vacuum the floor. To sanitize a section of your floor you should place the steam mop over the spot for 15 seconds using a continuous stream. To clean dried-on sticky spots, you will want to use the scrubby pad on the stem mop. You can pres and lock the Easy Scrubber brush into place and then slowly move the mop head over the sticky spot to clean it. Once you are done cleaning, you can turn off the mop by pressing the Steam Level button until the indicator light is blue. Once the mop stops emitting steam you can unplug the unit and empty the water tank.

BGST1566 Power Steamer Maintenance Tips

To maintain your Power Steamer make sure to remove the mop pad using the Quick Release tab from the mop head. You should also empty the water tank after use and refill it every time you start a new cleaning session. The mop pad can be machine washed in warm water with liquid detergents. When washing the mop pad do not use fabric softeners or bleach. It is also recommended that you air dry the mop pad. After using your BGST1566 make sure to wipe down all the surfaces of the exterior with a soft cloth. Store the machine upright in a dry area. 

FAQs about Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is often done to kill mold, mildew, and bacteria. The high temperature of the steam can help eliminate bacteria and other microbes. 

The steam mop pad that comes with the BGST1566 is machine washable. It is recommended that you use warm water and liquid detergent that doesn’t contain fabric softener or bleach. Once you are done washing the pad, air dry it for best results. 

No, the BGST1566 is designed to be used with just water. It is not recommended to add any other liquids whether to change the smell or to impact how the steam cleaner cleans the area. Some liquids like bleach could also be potentially dangerous since the steam cleaner heats the liquid. 

Unlike a vacuum, a steam cleaning tool is not collecting dirt or debris. That is why it is recommended to vacuum or sweep beforehand. Steam cleaning works by breaking apart grease, sticky messes, and destroying germs and bacteria. Most of the mess is going to get attached to the steam mop pad which is machine washable. But if there is dirt or other loose debris on your floors it is recommended to either sweep or vacuum it up. 

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