Commercial Vacuums for the Janitorial Industry

Cleaning Solutions for the Janitorial Industry

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Janitorial services are something that are overlooked by many members of society, but their importance can’t be ignored. Without janitorial services, many of the places we visit each and every day would be unrecognizably dirty. Those working in the janitorial field have a very important job and using the wrong tools can make it much harder than it needs to be! Bissell BigGreen Commercial has a wide selection of cleaning machines and tools that will help set your janitorial services apart from the rest, all while making your job easier.

BG102DC – this 16” dirt cup upright vacuum is designed for heavy-duty use that will last for years. In fact, the reinforced fan makes this vacuum virtually indestructible and comes with a lifetime warranty. The powerful 870-watt motor can handle the toughest jobs faced in the janitorial field with ease. Everything about this vacuum is designed with the user in mind. A 100-foot cleaning radius, easy to move design, and comfort grip handle will make even the biggest jobs feel small. 6 positions are available for cleaning different height surfaces so one vacuum is able to handle all of your janitorial needs!

BGEM9000– this floor machine is compatible with any type of flooring. Rather you want to dry shampoo carpeting or polish and protect precious marble, this machine is right for you. The finger control and orbital drive makes operation easy to handle no matter what surface you’re working on. A 13” cleaning path and 35-foot cleaning cord will allow you to clean large areas in a timely fashion without the hassle that comes along with many other similar machines. You can get even the toughest stains out of tile and grout surfaces without harsh scrubbing and strip vinyl in a flash!

BG101 – any janitorial service worker needs options, which is why we’ve included another upright vacuum on the list. This vacuum share many of the same features as the other we discussed BG102DC, with one important difference. This vacuum includes a shakeout bag design rather than a dirt cup. The shakeout bag is made of a non-stick material to make cleaning easier and quicker. It’s up to your personal preference to decide which design you’d prefer, but either is a great option! This vacuum includes an 870-watt motor and 100-foot cleaning radius as well, making it the perfect choice even for the largest jobs.