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Floor Scrubber Machines

Our Commercial Floor Scrubbing Machines

If you are still scrubbing floors and countertops with your hands, you should consider investing in a powerful floor scrubber. Whether you are a restaurant owner trying to remove stains from counters, appliances, and floors, or you are a hotel owner that needs to clean dozens of bathrooms every week, work smarter and faster with commercial floor scrubbers. 

The Bissell BigGreen Commercial team not only provides walk-behind machines ideally suited for cleaning floors of almost any material, but also compact hand-held models that can quickly scrub and polish those hard-to-reach areas, bathroom fixtures, and more. 

Browse our collection of commercial scrubbing machines, and feel free to reach out to our team to learn more about any of our products. 


2 Brush Floor Scrubber


Battery 2 Brush Scrubber


Battery 2 Brush Hand-Held Scrubber


2 Brush Floor Scrubber


Easy Motion Floor Machine


Easy Motion Floor Machine



An orbital, single-disc machine

Related Products For BGCC1000 & BGCC500


2 Blue Scrub Brush, 2 Green Scrub Brush, 10 Mixed Abrasive Pads (2 of each pad) & 2 Microfiber Pads

K.1.S.97.0705.7 4″ Microfiber pads (2 pcs)

4″ Microfiber pads (2 pcs)


4″ Scrub Brush 0.25 White (2 pcs)


4″ Scrub Brush 0.25 Green (2 pcs)


4″ Scrub Brush 0.25 Orange (2 pcs)


4″ Scrub Brush 0.25 Tynex Grey (2 pcs)


4″ Scrub Brush 0.25 Light Blue (2 pcs)

K.10.97.0703.2 10 Pack 4″ Abrasive Pads White

10 Pack 4″ Abrasive Pads White

K.10.97.0703.1 10 Pack 4″ Abrasive Pads Red

10 Pack 4″ Abrasive Pads Red

K.10.97.0703.2 10 Pack 4″ Abrasive Pads Green

10 Pack 4″ Abrasive Pads Green

K.10.97.0703.2 10 Pack 4″ Abrasive Pads Blue

10 Pack 4″ Abrasive Pads Blue

K.10.97.0703.2 10 Pack 4″ Abrasive Pads Black

10 Pack 4″ Abrasive Pads Black

K.10.97.0703.2 10 Pack 4″ Abrasive Pads Brown

10 Pack 4″ Abrasive Pads Brown

Related Products For BGEM9000 & BGEM8500

B Package (Carpets)

Includes the following: 237.049, 437.053, 19X6, CAPTURE 4#

A Package (Hard Floors)

Includes the following: 237.047, 237.057, 437.051, 437.049, 437.071, and CAPTURE 32HSFC

437.071BG 12” Strip Pad, Black

12” Strip Pad, Black, 5 Pads per Case

437.056BG 12” Cleaning Pad, Green

12” Cleaning Pad, Green, 5 Pads per Case


437.058BG 12” Beige Stone Care

12” Beige Stone Care, Pad 5 Pads per Case


437.055BG 12” Polish Pad, Red

12” Polish Pad, Red

437.054BG 12” Lambs Wool Bonnet

12” Lambs Wool Bonnet

437.053BG 12” Carpet Bonnet

12” Carpet Bonnet

Looking for the right power scrubber for your team? Our team would be happy to help. If you have any questions about any of the above products, we would be happy to go over their specs and make recommendations. Simply contact us via our form and a member of our team will reach out to you. 

Advantages of Power Floor Scrubbing Machines

Power scrubbing machines are the most effective way to quickly clean hard surfaces. Whether you are working with brick, ceramic, concrete, linoleum, marble, tile, or vinyl, you can’t go wrong with a scrubbing machine. At Bissell BigGreen Commercial we provide a variety of scrubbing machines as well as the necessary attachments, and additional parts you need to get the most out of these versatile machines. 

Walk-Behind Commercial Floor Scrubbers

We provide a variety of walk-behind floor scrubbing machines that make cleaning tiles as easy as vacuuming a carpet. In fact, our BGFS5000 can do both. With its scrubbing brushes, this one machine can clean carpet in one room, and then use green scrubbing pads to clean tile floors in another. Our lightweight equipment makes cleaning soap scum, hard water stains, and grime off tile and marble floors a breeze. 

Hand-Held Commercial Power Scrubbers

The BGCC500 CaddyClean is perfect for scrubbing and polishing counters and other surfaces. Perfect for cleaning food stains in a commercial kitchen, handling hard-to-reach areas in hotel bathrooms, this compact cleaner proves big things come in small packages. Featuring a dual power head and a battery charger, you can utilize this hand-held device to make quick work of any polishing and scrubbing projects. 

Power Scrubber Replacement Pads & Accessories

Whether you are working with a walk-behind scrubber or a hand-held model, we provide replacement scrubbing pads, brushes, and anything else you need for your unit. We sell all of our pads and brushes individually or in helpful packs that cover everything you could possibly need for your team.

Get Your Bissell Commercial Power Scrubber Today!

For any questions you may have regarding our power scrubbers, please do not hesitate to call us at 1 800 242 1378. You may also send any inquiries by filling out the form on our contact page. Our office hours are from 8AM to 5PM Eastern. We look forward to hearing from you.