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Benefits of BG10 Extractors For Carpet Cleaning

Hotels, businesses, apartment buildings, and other facilities count on a variety of Bissell commercial cleaning products to help handle day-to-day operations. One piece of equipment that is unparalleled in how it can help improve you ability to clean your facility is the BG10 Extractor. Extractors from Bissell can pull dirt, debris, and oil right out of your carpet. 

The BG10 has many benefits. While it is extremely powerful it is also maneuverable and portable, allowing teams to bring it throughout their facility easily. It cleans forward and backward which means you can clean a carpet much quicker. And it has powerful edge-to-edge suction. The BG10 is perfect for any deep cleaning project for carpeted areas and can help get the debris that vacuums can’t.  

How Do You Use The BG10 Extractor?

Before you use the BG10 extractor, you should vacuum your vacuum. Once done you can fill the solution tank with water and two capfuls of Bissell cleaning solution. There are many solution choices based on your cleaning needs. The dirty water tank is then placed on top of the solution tank. 

Start the machine and recline the handle. As you press the trigger, you should make one slow pass both forward and backward over the carpeted area. Release the trigger and make another pass both forward and backward to suck up any dirty water in the carpet. If the flow indicator on the machine stops spinning, you need to empty the dirty water tank, and refill the solution tank with warm tap water and cleaning solution. 

How Do You Use The BG10 Extractor Upholstery Accessory?

The BG10 upholstery tool can be used to clean carpeted areas including furniture, stairs, and hard to reach areas. Before cleaning you should always check the label on fabrics to make sure it doesn’t require dry cleaning. Additionally you need to pre-treat the area with a Bissell pre-treater or one of our spot and stain removers. 

To use the BG10, attach the small solution hose to the machine by turning it clockwise to lock it into place. Then attach the larger hose and lock it in as well. When using the hose hold the red trigger when cleaning and release the trigger to dispose of dirty water. When you are done, don’t forget to clean the tool, and both the dirty water and solution tanks.