Commercial Vacuums for Building Services

Cleaning Solutions for the Building Service Industry

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Working in the building services industry requires the best of the best in every aspect of your work. Tools that get the job done in a quick and effective way are the easiest way to make your job easier and maintain a great atmosphere in the buildings you oversee. Bissell BigGreen Commercial has designed a line of products specifically for the demanding and harsh conditions seen in a variety of commercial industries, including building services. 

The Best Bissell BigGreen Commercial Products for Building Services

BG697 Building services are responsible for a very large area, which is what makes this power sweeper stand out. With a 38” cleaning width and a 13.2-gallon tank to catch debris, the BG697 makes even the largest jobs a quick and easy task. This sweeper is surprisingly lightweight and easy to store despite the impressive size. From dust and dry debris to wet leaves, cups, and cans the dual front brushes and roller brush underneath are able to effortlessly pull it all off the floors and into the tank for disposal.

BG102DC This 16” upright vacuum is designed with the user in mind. From the comfort grip handle to the 100-foot cleaning reach, every aspect was designed for easy use. This vacuum features a dirt cup design that takes the guesswork out of cleaning and emptying the vacuum. You have the option of 6 different height positions to handle all types of flooring, from flat to high carpeting and upholstery. The 870-watt motor turns this vacuum into a true powerhouse. Combined with a reinforced fan and heat overload protection system, this vacuum is sure to last for years of commercial use!

BGEM9000 Working in building services requires much more than just a vacuum. The BGEM9000 is a powerful floor machine to work on any flooring surface you may encounter. This machine is able to scrub tile and grout or gently dry shampoo carpet. The cleaning options are variable to meet all of your needs and the orbital drive system makes it incredibly easy to operate. You won’t have to worry about gouging or swirling as you would with many other floor machines on the market. It’s no wonder the BGEM9000 has become a staple among those in the building services industry!

How Bissell BigGreen Commercial Support You

Since the very first Bissell sweeper was created in 1876 by Mellville R. Bissell, the Bissell brand has expanded tenfold. Based out of Plymouth, MA, Bissell BigGreen Commercial is family-owned and is your one-stop-shop for all of your commercial cleaning needs.

Our goal is to provide long-lasting products at a low-cost that work for years after you make your purchase. A majority of our products come with a lifetime warranty, have innovating designs and technology, and are user-friendly.

No matter what size space you’re looking to clean, Bissell Commercial is sure to have something that’s right for you. Let our tools take your building services to the next level!