Why Should I Get A Bissell Vacuum Cleaner?

Bissell commercial vacuum cleaners are used by hundreds of thousands of businesses across America. Hotels, restaurants, hospitals, apartment buildings, retail locations, and other businesses like these make great use of Bissell commercial products. But why Bissell? Bissell has a long-standing reputation for providing durable, long-lasting products, that provide superior cleaning services compared to others. Additionally, many companies use Bissell products because they are highly versatile.

Many of the most popular Bissell products come with a variety of attachments and other tools that can turn a single vacuum into a cleaning tool that can effectively clean many different areas of your property. Between their long-lasting durability, superior cleaning, and versatility, it is clear why so many different companies rely on Bissell Commercial cleaning products for their facilities. 

What Type Of Bissell Vacuum Should I Get?

There are many different types of vacuums including canister, backpack, and upright. Additionally, Bissell vacuums can be categorized in a few different ways. For example, some properties go with wireless battery-powered vacuums so that they have additional range of motion as they clean. Choosing the right vacuum can differ based on the size of your property. For example, large facilities like manufacturing plants might benefit from an extra-wide vacuum that features a larger cleaning path. Hotels, apartment buildings, and residential properties might want to use an upright vacuum with an upholstery attachment kit to handle chairs, couches, etc. If you would like a recommendation on your property, we would be happy to give you some options over the phone. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Bissell Vacuums

When buying a commercial vacuum, you want to invest in something that is durable, consistent, and convenient. You don’t want a vacuum cleaner that is going to make cleaning your commercial property difficult. Things to consider are cord-length, cleaning path size, or battery life based on the size of your property. For example, if you have to clean tight spaces you will want a vacuum that can handle those tight corners. Whereas if you are looking to clean large open spaces, the larger the cleaning path, the less passes you will need to make. 

The key to maintaining a commercial vacuum is to stay on top of cleaning it and storing it properly. After every time you clean you should clean the cord (it likely was dragged through dirt), clean out the canister or swap out the bag, and wipe down in the inside and outside. Routinely checking filters and hoses for blockages, as well as cleaning the brush can also prevent damage to your vacuum. Finally make sure you store it properly so that it doesn’t get damaged when stored in a maintenance closet. 

Vacuums may get damaged over time. If you need replacement parts for your vacuum, we provide parts for every Bissell product we sell. Alternatively, if you need to have the vacuum professionally repaired, you should find a vacuum repair shop near you. We recommend finding a highly reviewed repair shop and checking with them to ensure they repair your brand or model of vacuum cleaner.