Floor Machines

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Shop For Commercial Floor Machines From Bissell

If you are looking to buff or scrub your floors for your retail, residential, or other commercial property, our floor machines are perfect for the job. Commercial floor machines are ideal for hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and more. Thousands of businesses across hundreds of different industries have gotten years of use out of their Bissell floor care machines. Here at Bissell, we want to make sure that our clients get the value they need. If you are trying to decide which floor machine is best for your property, give us a call, we would be happy to make recommendations and go over the specs of all of our floor machines.

Shop For Commercial Floor Scrubbing Machines

Here at Bissell Commercial we also sell a variety of great floor scrubbing machines. Products like the BGCC500 and BGCC1000 for example are perfect for restaurants that are looking for both upright and handheld devices that can clean commercial kitchens, bathrooms, and more. If you are looking for a floor care solution for your business, we would be happy to discuss our various floor scrubbing items that can help you effectively and efficiently clean your business. 

How To Use Your Bissell Commercial Floor Machine

When using a floor machine the best advice is always to pay attention to the unique instructions for your equipment. If you need the specific manual for any Bissell commercial product, please give us a call, or navigate to that product on the website and check the documents section for any relevant documents for that product. Aside from the product-specific instructions, there are a few practices you should always maintain when cleaning floors with a floor machine. 

  • Mixing The Cleaning Solution: First, you will want to mix the proper amount of your cleaning solution per the instructions on the bottle. Using too much solution or shampoo can leave a residue on your floors so you should always follow the bottle’s instructions exactly. 
  • Choosing The Pad/Brush: Next you will want to use the correct pad or scrubbing brush for the job. Generally speaking, pads are recommended for smooth floors, while brushes are better for textured tile or uneven tile with grout lines. 
  • Preparing the Area: Make sure to set up appropriate wet floor signs in the area you are cleaning so customers, tenants, or other passersby are aware that you will be cleaning the floors. Additionally you will want to remove any furniture, carpeting, or other obstacles that will affect your cleaning. 
  • Operating Your Floor Machine: When cleaning the floors you will want to avoid fighting the floor machine. A floor machine is a very powerful device and it is helpful to move with it instead of against it. While cleaning the floors you will want to dispense cleaning liquid as you move throughout the floor. Because floor machine heads are round, you may need to hand scrub any tight corners after you are done with the floor machine. 

Shop For Bissell Floor Care Machine Accessories

If you need replacement pads, brushes, or other accessories for your floor care machines we would be happy to help. We carry packs of all the pads, brushes, pad holders, aprons, pad drives, as well as replacement parts for any section of your Bissell commercial cleaning product. Additionally, we provide a variety of cleaning solutions that are designed to work with your Bissell product to provide the best clean for your property.