Backpack Vacuums

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What Are Backpack Vacuums Used For?

Here at Bissell BigGreen Commercial, we provide commercial cleaning equipment including a variety of vacuum options. Part of why we offer so many different products is because different facilities have different needs. One type of vacuum that is very effective for large multi-tier facilities is a backpack vacuum. A backpack vacuum combines the power of an upright vacuum with the ease of movement of a more compact and lightweight model. 

Backpack vacuums are perfect for tight cluttered areas because the body of the vacuum is not on the ground so it will not get in the way. Instead, a small and nimble vacuum head is the only thing that makes contact with the cleaning surface, so it is to move the vacuum wand around. It is ideal for cleaning floors, stairs, shelving, and even furniture. If you would like a recommendation on which vacuum is best for your property, please give us a call.

Commercial Backpack Vacuums For Cleaning Companies

Cleaning companies are always looking for the best commercial cleaning equipment. A backpack vacuum is perfect for companies that work with large multi-tired properties like hotels, hospitals, apartment complexes, etc. The maneuverability of the vacuum cleaners make it easy to clean large areas effectively. 

Bissell products are a great investment for any cleaning company. Not only are commercial Bissell reliable for years of cleaning but they are also versatile. There are a variety of attachments that can help make your vacuum more versatile. Changing the head of the vacuum can help you clean upholstery, hard to reach areas, and more. 

One of the main reasons that people use backpack vacuums is that they are less cumbersome than upright vacuums. If you have to consistently clean in tight spaces and areas, moving the canister to your back will make it easier to clean the area. And because the wand is lightweight, you can use the vacuum to clean ceilings and walls.

Frequently Asked Questions About Backpack Vacuums

Different hotel chains use different vacuum types. For example, some hotel cleaning crews use upright vacuums to quickly clean rooms for quick turnover. Other hotels utilize either canister or backpack vacuums to more effectively clean large amenities, hallways, and large rooms. 

The answer to this question will depend on your facility size and your cleaning needs. Choosing the right vacuum between uprights, canister, or backpack will differ based on your facility. Even within these categories, the commercial vacuum  that is right for your business good vary. You should consider the size of your property, what you need to clean, as well as your cleaning schedule. For example, an upright vacuum with a large capacity is best for cleaning large rooms. You might even want a vacuum with a wider cleaning pathing to increase efficiency. But if you need to clean tight areas within a small room, a backpack or canister vacuum might provide better maneuverability. Regardless of what type of vacuum you need, you want to make sure you go with a trusted brand like Bissell Commercial vacuums. 

Bissell commercial backpack vacuums are designed to provide the least amount of stress by decreasing weight. That being said, the weight of having your vacuum’s canister on your back might be something you are not used to. One of the benefits of a backpack vacuum is that most people’s shoulders and backs are able to carry and support more weight than their arms. Constantly picking up and moving either an upright or canister vacuum can be quite cumbersome.