Commercial Vacuums for Food Services

Cleaning Solutions for the Food Service Industry

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There’s no doubt that the food service industry is a messy one. Between customers, staff, and the food, there’s plenty of room for mess. While it’s understandable for things to be chaotic at times, it’s expected that they’re cleaned quickly and thoroughly. Maintaining cleanliness is vital to a successful relationship with customers, inspectors, and staff in the food service industry. Bissell BigGreen Commercial has a series of tools designed specifically for the foodservice industry to help you clean messes with ease and maintain a welcoming environment for customers.

BG9100NM – this is a battery-operated sweeper that rids the hassle of a corded vacuum or broom in the event of an unexpected mess. The battery holds 90 minutes of charge. This battery-operated sweeper is ideal for quick cleaning under tables, in busy walkways, and other areas that are prone to dirt or debris in the foodservice industry. It’s unrealistic to pull out a corded vacuum with customers in the dining room of a restaurant, but this vacuum will allow you to keep everything clean without being a disruption! The sweeper empties debris into a built-in and easy to clean dustpan.

BGU1451T – this ProBag upright vacuum is designed for easy use on any surface. With 5 adjustable heights, you can go from bare floors to high carpeting in a breeze. This vacuum includes tools for crevice cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and an extension wand for hard to reach places. The vacuum weighs just 12 pounds, making it easy to move and store. A 30-foot cord will allow you to clean large areas at a time without stopping to find a new outlet. Let’s face it, at the end of a long shift food service workers are tired, this vacuum makes cleaning feel easy while still offering great results!

BG10 Extractor – any commercial industry, including food service, requires a deeper cleaning from time to time. This extractor acts as a powerful carpet cleaner to cover large surface areas in no time at all. With two tanks and two powerful motors, your carpets will look new again! This machine is easily portable and features a 50-foot cleaning reach with edge to edge suction. The efficiency of the machine will make deep cleaning the carpets less of a chore and encourage more frequent cleaning! Purchase once and enjoy clean carpets for years rather than waiting until the carpets are beyond repair and hiring a professional carpet cleaning company.