BGFW13 FloorWash All In One Vacuum & Mop


What Comes With The BGFW13 FloorWash From Bissell BigGreen Commercial?

This machine comes with the following: 

  • The BGFW13 FloorWash Unit
  • An Extra Brush
  • Solution Tank
  • Power Cord
  • Handle
  • One Bottle Of The Hard Floor Sanitizer
  • A Spare Filter

Get Cleaning Solution For Your BGFW13 FloorWash

Professional-Strength Multi Surface Cleaning Formula

If you need cleaning solution for your BGFW13 FloorWash 3-in-1 vacuum and mop, you can buy some from us. The BGFW13 FloorWash does come with a small amount of cleaning solution that can be used for the first couple cleans, but you will eventually need cleaning solution. It is recommended that you use a Bissell Cleaning solution product like our professional-strength multi surface cleaning formula. If you would recommendations on cleaning solutions for your Bissell Commercial cleaning equipment, please contact our team. 

Benefits Of The BGFS5000 Floor Scrubbing Machine

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Handles Multiple Types Of Messes

The BGFW13 is perfect for a business that needs cleaning equipment that can handle many different types of projects. This machine cleans up dry and wet messes. It also works on carpet as well as hard floors. This is the perfect device for hospitals, restaurants, offices, large apartment buildings, and other facilities that are looking for a cleaning simple cleaning solution for day-to-day messes.

A Vacuum Cleaner That Dries, Mops, & Vacuums

This machine has three core functions. It vacuums up dirt and debris that is loose on the surface of your carpets floors. It can mop and clean floors as well as handle wet messes or dried on messes. And it dries the floor as you clean. This helps prevent downtime for your facility be quickly drying hardwood or other hard floor materials. This can also help keep your carpets dry after cleaning which prevents issues with mold growth. The machine is easy to use with the simple easy to remove clean and dirty water tanks. As you clean you can quickly remove, empty, and refill tanks as needed.

Self Cleaning Brush

The BGFW13 is easy to maintain as well. The removable clean and dirty water tanks are easy to quickly clean. The machine also has a self-clean cycle that can clean the brush roll to keep it clean whether you are using the machine for dry or wet messes.

How Do I Use The BGFW13 FloorWash Vacuum, Mop, and Drier?

What Properties/Industries Use The BGFW13?

Vacuum, Mop & Dry Floors

Thanks to the fact that this machine handles wet and dry messes and dries  the floors while cleaning, it is a great solution for any business that wants to limit downtime spent cleaning and waiting for floors/carpets to dry. This machine is perfect for restaurants, hotels, and properties that have hard floors and carpets that need daily cleaning services. For recommendations on cleaning products for your business, please give us a call.