About Us

bissell vintag logo Bissell Commercial is a company that lets the products speak for themselves. Since the very first Bissell sweeper created in 1876 by Mellville R. Bissell, we have worked to provide quality products that perform even in the harshest conditions.  Bissell sweeper became the first company in America to be run by a female CEO in 1889 under the direction of Anna Bissell. As the popularity for the brand began to grow Anna worked with innovative creators to develop products that revolutionized cleaning. In fact, the advancements were so remarkable that they gained the recognition of Queen Victoria. Bissell created the carpet shampooer which allowed people to enjoy clean carpets without scrubbing on their hands in knees for the first time in history.

Bissell: A Family-Owned Business

Today, Bissell BigGreen Commercial has turned that original shampooer model into a powerhouse cleaning machine designed to handle even the worst messes with ease. From the original design to a design that is easy to move and use, Bissell sure has come a long way! Despite all of our advancements and growth in popularity, we’ve stayed true to our roots by running an honest, family-owned business. We want to make each and every one of our customers feel as if they’re a part of that Bissell family as well.

It’s important to those at Bissell to include every member of the household when creating or selling a product, especially the furry ones! The majority of Bissell users are pet owners which is why we see the importance of helping out our furry friends in every way we can. The Bissell Pet Foundation is one of our proudest additions to the company in recent years. The non-profit foundation has raised an impressive $500,000 to help animals in need! While Bissell pet products may not be a necessity for those working in the food service industry, at least you can have peace of mind in knowing that your purchase is supporting a company that truly cares.

In addition to raising money for needy causes, Bissell has paved the way for lowering cost and improving productivity in the commercial cleaning industry. Bissell BigGreen Commercial is dedicated to listening to our customers and constantly evolving our products to maintain the best customer service in the industry. With light-weight designs and ergonomically designed handles, it’s no wonder why our brand has become a household name.

We aim to provide long-lasting products at a low cost that work for years after you make your purchase. Many of our products come with a limited time warranty and our reinforced fans in certain products all come with a lifetime warranty. With innovative designs and technology, we have been able to offer the most user-friendly and efficient commercial cleaning tools on the market. Hospitality, food service, janitorial, healthcare, and many other service industries have supported our brand for years and they will continue to for many more years to come. Rather you run a large cleaning company or a small family diner, we have a cleaning tool that’s right for you. Cleanliness is the key to maintaining a positive atmosphere, a great reputation, and customers who want to use your services for years to come. Our Bissell Commercial line is targeted specifically for a harsh situation that requires long-term performance without overheating or breaking of products. If our products are good enough to impress the Queen of England, they’re sure to blow you away.

We want to help you take steps towards eliminating messes quickly in a stress-free way so you can get the job done faster and get back to what matters the most – your family waiting at home.