Commercial Vacuums for the Education Industry

Cleaning Solutions for the Education Industry

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The world of education is easily one of the most demanding commercial industries around. When it comes to cleaning services related to education, that fact rings even more true. Education facilities are some of the most heavily trafficked areas and even worse, those creating the traffic tend to be in too much of a rush to worry about the mess they leave behind. These harsh conditions create a need for next level cleaning equipment to maintain a sanitary and safe environment for students and staff alike. At Bissell BigGreen Commercial, we understand what the education industry really needs.

BG10 Extractor – This carpet cleaning machine is ready to take on the big messes left behind in education facilities. The two powerful motors and two large capacity tanks make even the harshest conditions seem like nothing at all! This carpet shampooer is able to clean forward or backward with a 50-foot cleaning reach, making it much easier to use than the traditional carpet shampoo model. It is easily to transport and store which makes it perfect for someone responsible for keeping multiple different buildings or levels or an education facility in pristine condition.

BGUPRO14T – This vacuum holds a 1000-watt motor that makes vacuuming a one pass job. Although it features manual carpet height adjustment and up to an 18” cleaning path, this vacuum can be used for much more than cleaning carpets. The 9-foot reach of the wand attachment comes equipped with add-ons for upholstery, hard to reach crevices, and more. If you’re looking for a vacuum that will improve productivity and cut down on cleaning time, you’ve found it! The impressive performance of this vacuum will make even the dirtiest carpets seem like an easy task.

BG101 – The BG101 is another great option for a commercial upright vacuum. This vacuum features an 870-watt motor with a 12” cleaning path. The shake-out bag design is made easy thanks to the non-stick design. With 100 foot of cleaning reach and comfort grip handles designed with the user in mind, the BG101 will make work feel a lot less like a hard job! There’s a manual adjustment option containing 6 different settings to fit the height of whatever surface you need to vacuum.

Keeping the carpets of an education facility clean is a challenge for any professional, but at Bissell BigGreen Commercial we understand that the right tools for the job can make all the difference.