Canister Vacuums

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What Are Canister Vacuums?

A canister vacuum is made of a wheeled section that attaches to a vacuum want via a long maneuverable hose. The canister is where the motor, bags, and other machine components are. Compared to upright vacuums or backpack vacuums, canister vacuums can feel much lighter to move around a property. Isntead of pushing an upright vacuum around a property, a canister vacuum is easily pulled and rolls over various surfaces. Like with any vacuum type, different models provide different advantages. For example, tool kits and attachments can make it easier to clean different areas of a property. Different heads can provide different cleaning paths. By having a variety of detachable heads, Bissell canister vacuums are the perfect tool for many commercial projects because they provide great versatility. The vacuum is easy to use for cleaning small areas by using a smaller head as well as larger areas when using the standard vacuum head. One of the core benefits of a canister vacuum is that you can use it to clean up high. With an upright vacuum, the vacuuming head is almost always on the ground and cannot be used to clean walls or ceilings. By contrast, a canister vacuum is much more maneuverable. 

Pros and Cons of Canister Vacuums

The core benefits of a canister vacuum are the lightweight design and maneuverability of the vacuum head. An upright vacuum has the entire machine stacked vertically and is pushed in front of the person cleaning. It can be heavy to move and can be frustrating for cleaning long spaces or multi-tiered facilities. A canister vacuum is pulled along as you clean making it easier to move around a proeprty. Additionally, the vacuum head is detached from the rest of the vacuum components which means the vacuum wand is easy to move around a property. With this style of vacuum, you can clean walls, ceilings, and other above-ground areas. If you are looking for a recommendation on which type of vacuum is best for your property, give us a call. We have worked with countless companies and provided advice on not only what type of vacuums to get but which exact models. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Bissell Canister Vacuums

A canister vacuum is ideal for companies that need to clean tight spaces and also want to easily reach difficult areas. Upright vacuums are ideally suited for cleaning large carpeted areas including hallways and main rooms. 

Canister vacuums are perfect for cleaning underneath furniture, cleaning stairs, and cleaning other areas where a traditional upright vacuum would be difficult to maneuver. They can be both lighter and quieter than many upright vacuums as well.

When choosing any type of vacuum you want to make sure you are investing into your property’s cleaning equipment. Getting a high-quality vacuum is essential to getting years of consistent quality when cleaning. Consider your budget as well as the layout of your facility. Additionally, one reason many people go with Bissell canister vacuums is because of their versatility and their ease of use. If you have questions about commercial Bissell products we would be happy to discuss them via the phone. Give us a call for more information.

Depending on the model of the vacuum you are using a canister vacuum might be perfect for cleaning carpeted floors around your property. That being said, generally speaking, upright vacuums tend to perform better for carpeted floors. But it isn’t as simple as saying all upright vacuums are better than canister vacuums. You should check the specifications of the vacuum you are buying and ask a member of the Bissell Commercial for help when choosing a vacuum.