Upright Vacuums

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Our Upright Vacuum Cleaners

When someone says “vacuum cleaner”, many people today start thinking about the more modern canister vacuum cleaners. However, upright vacuum cleaners have long been the most common type of vacuum cleaner in the United States for decades. In fact, they are still one of the most popular types of vacuum cleaners today and are often used in numerous applications, including commercial properties.

As one of the most trusted names in the United States commercial cleaning industry, Bissell Big Green Commercial is proud to offer a variety of efficient upright vacuum cleaners to commercial property owners and commercial cleaning services. Whether you are simply looking for something to help with the day-to-day cleaning of your office space or you want to increase the cleaning capacity of your cleaning team, you definitely can’t go wrong with a Bissell upright vacuum.

We invite you to check out our extensive line-up of upright vacuums below. Please feel free to click on any of the vacuum cleaners that catch your eye to learn more about the specific features of each particular vacuum. We are confident that the upright commercial vacuum you’re looking for is right here: