Power Sweepers

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Buy Battery Powered Sweepers Online

Battery Powered Sweepers are the perfect solution to cleaning indoor and outdoor areas quickly. A broom and dustpan might be alright for a homeowner, but if you own a business, you likely have a much larger area to clean. Battery powered sweepers are often used for multi-tier garages, large parking lots, and various facilities including agricultural and manufacturing properties. 

We sell sweepers that utilized patented technology to quickly and effectively clean large and small debris as well as clean wet and dry debris. These sweepers can quickly and effectively lift dirt, leaves, and garbage off the ground. 

If your businesses needs a sweeper, we would be happy to make a recommendation on one of our various models. We have worked with countless companies to ensure that they get the right Bissell Commercial cleaning equipment for their properties, based on their properties size and cleaning needs. 

What Facilities Use Outdoor/Indoor Sweepers?

There are many different facilities that make use of sweepers for cleaning indoor and outdoor spaces. For example, many parking garages use sweepers to quickly clean dirt and trash. Properties with large parking lots or parking garages can benefit greatly from having a sweeper. Agricultural facilities as well as manufacturing facilities and storage units also can benefit from sweepers that can quickly and effectively clean up dust, sawdust, dirt, and other messes. 

Buy Outdoor Sweeper Replacement Parts Online

On top of providing outdoor and indoor sweepers, we also provide replacement parts, batteries, and more. If you need a replacement cover, screw, wheel, handle, or brush, we have all of them available online for purchase. Additionally, it is very common for rechargeable batteries to eventually need replacement. If you need a new battery for your sweeper after a few years, we can help ship you a new battery. If you have any questions about replacement parts for sweepers, please contact us for more information. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Sweepers

There are many reasons a sweeper is a better choice than a leaf blower. Leaf blowers are bad for the environment both because of their use of gas as well as the fact that pollutants are being pushed into the neighboring environment. Additionally they are loud and are intrinsically not actually cleaning your property but just pushing the garbage around. A battery powered sweeper actually collects the garbage similar to a vacuum which means you can properly dispose of it.

Some sweepers are fully manual while others have battery-powered motors that cause the brushes to spin. The sweeper you need is based on the size of your property and the cleaning you are planning to do. If you need help selecting the best sweeper for your property, the team at Bissell Commercial would be happy to help. 

A sweeper, like a vacuum, or an extractor is a great investment if you get a good quality machine for your business. A high quality power sweeper can provide years of cleaning capabilities to your business as long as it is used properly and maintained. Learn more about each of our sweepers by browsing our inventory.