Commercial Cleaning Products For Warehouses

Cleaning Solutions for the Warehouses & Manufacturing Facilities

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Warehouses and manufacturing facilities can benefit greatly from our sweepers. Indoor/outdoor sweepers can quickly and effectively pick up wet/dry debris. They are perfect for larger facilities as they cover a large area in a short period of time. We offer a variety of sweepers, if you would like a recommendation on which one is best for your facility, please contact us.

US-5 Compact Sweeper – The US-5 Compact Sweeper is perfect for tighter spaces. Designed around a compact shape with great maneuverability, this sweeper is great for facilities that have tight corners or cramped aisles. Featuring a 2-feet cleaning path, this battery-powered sweeper is great for cleaning large and medium-sized warehouses.

US-9 Large Sweeper – If you are looking for a larger cleaning path, the US-9 Large Sweeper might be the perfect fit for your facility. This sweeper features dual side brushes that can clean alongside edges and curbs making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

BGDFS29 Dust Free Sweeper – The BGDFS29 features a side broom that is ideal for edge brushing. It is designed with a large 7 gallon hopper making it the perfect solution for larger indoor or outdoor cleaning operations. The main brush has a 20-inch cleaning path, and the side brush increases that path to 29 inches.

BG697 – This power sweeper features 38-inch wide cleaning path making it ideal for spacious areas like parking garages or warehouse floors. The two front brushes rotate in opposite directions to pull dirt and debris into the hopper.

No matter what your hospitality cleaning needs include, Bissell BigGreen Commercial is sure to have a machine for you. From vacuuming to restoring hardwood, we have the tools you need to maintain a reputation of cleanliness and reliability.