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Benefits of Commercial Sweepers from Bissell

Commercial sweepers from Bissell are perfect for cleaning various areas around a business. We provide both manual and battery-powered sweepers that are perfect for tidying up around an area. These cordless sweepers provide improved maneuverability compared to wired vacuum cleaners. For example the battery powered BG9100NM is a powerful motor floor sweeper that can clean for up to 90 minutes. It can be easily stored and features a small head that allows it to get in and around furniture, making it the perfect choice for cleaning hotel lobbies, amenities in apartment complexes, or around the office. 

Manual Sweepers Vs Battery-Powered Sweepers

Manual Sweepers

Manual sweepers like the BG21 are perfect for easy pick up of debris dirt and garbage. These upright sweepers are a great way to quickly and easily handle messes. Compared to a traditional dust pan and broom, sweepers are easier to use and can help you handle jobs quickly. Compared to a vacuum, a sweeper might be more efficient for cleaning around a tight space. For example, the BG21 features a floating head which makes it easier to get under and around furniture. It is perfect for low-pile carpets and bare floors. 

Battery-Powered Sweepers

Battery-powered sweepers like the BG9100NM are perfect for cleaning larger areas quickly. With the 90 minutes of cleaning duration time and the easy to maneuver head you can quickly clean in and around furniture on both hardwood floors and low pile carpets. A battery-powered sweeper is a great choice for any residential property, commercial business, retail location, or other small business that has tight spaces that need to be cleaned regularly. 

With decades of experience working with clients throughout the country, we can provide great recommendations on what products are right for your business. If you give us a call or send us a message, we can discuss the pros and cons of various pieces of equipment and help you pick the right choice for your business. 

Should You Get A Upright Sweeper Or A Walk-Behind Sweeper?

Another thing to consider is what type of sweeper is best for your property. Standing sweepers are very similar to upright vacuums in that they have long singular handles and can be easily pushed around. The benefit of these sweepers (whether battery-powered or manual) is that they can often clean tight and small areas and provide great maneuverability. By contrast, a walk-behind sweeper usually has a larger cleaning path and also can hold more garbage or debris. Battery powered walk behind sweepers often have more power and can clean longer. The size and shape of your property is the largest factor in what sweeper you should get. For example, a farm or storage facility that needs to quickly clean large floors and open spaces will get a more efficient clean from a walk-behind sweeper. A hotel or restaurant that needs to clean around chairs & tables in a small room will get more benefit from an upright sweeper.