Extra Wide Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

The most notable feature of the BG-CC28 Vacuum cleaner is its larger cleaning path. Featuring a 28" width, this vacuum cleaner is perfect for larger facilities including warehouses, industrial facilities, and buildings with large industrial floors. Moreover, the extension to the cleaning path is designed to fit underneath shelves and other objects so it can clean edges more effectively. This machine is built for cleaning up and down aisles for a variety of facilities.

Powerful 8.5 AMP Motor

If you are cleaning a large facility, you need a vacuum that can handle that task. Cleaning large areas for long periods of time routinely requires a powerful machine. The 8.5 amp motor in our BG-CC28 is designed to provide maximum performance long-term. The industrial quality motor and cast metal fan are both engineered for long-term use so you can use this vacuum again and again. This machine features a 2,000 hour motor brush life.

Save Time And Clean Efficiently

Compared to common upright vacuum cleaners, this vacuum can clean a large facility umch more efficiently. It features a 5 position height adjustment and rugged 360 degree front swivel wheels to help provide a strong turn radius. While this machine is large and designed for industrial use, it is also engineered to be maneuverable for a more efficient clean.

Purchase Replacement Vacuum Bags for your BG-CC28 Wide Vacuum

The industrial quality BG-CC28 vacuum cleaner is engineered to handle larger cleaning projects. With its extended cleaning path, industrial motor, and powerful fan, it is built for industrial facilities, manufacturing facilities, and storage properties. For this reason, the bags for this vacuum need to be large in order to contain the large amount of debris the vacuum picks up. We provide replacement wide area vacuum bags that are specifically designed for this vacuum cleaner. Click here to purchase vacuum bags, or give us a call for more information about parts and accessories for our equipment. Additionally, if you need replacement parts for your BG-CC28 please see the parts section above as well as the diagrams in order to search for parts. 

What Properties/Industries Use The BG9100NM?

Engineered For Large Industrial Cleaning Jobs

The BG-CC28 is engineered to handle large industrial facilities. With the 5 position heigh adjustment it can clean a variety of different surfaces. Additionally the extra width helps cleaner large rooms with less passes. Moreover, the width is designed to fit underneath shelving and other overhanging objects, making this machine perfect for cleaning aisles in retail locations or in storage facilities.