How Do You Empty A Commercial Vacuum

A key to keeping your vacuum cleaners operating correctly is making sure that you follow instructions regarding use. All vacuum cleaners need to be emptied, however the method for emptying them can differ. For example some vacuum cleaners use bags where as others just need to have the canister emptied out. In this article, we will provide some generic instructions on when and how to empty commercial vacuum cleaners, however if you have a Bissell BigGreen Commercial vacuum we recommend visiting the product page and downloading a copy of a manual. Otherwise if you have specific questions, please feel free to call our team for more information. 


How Often Do You Need To Empty A Commercial Vacuum

Commercial vacuums are not the same as residential vacuum cleaners. Commercial vacuums are often use much more frequently and are used to clean much larger areas. Moreover, the type of cleaning can impact how often you need to empty the vacuum. For example if you are using the vacuum in a facility with large amounts of debris and waste, you might need to empty the vacuum more frequently. Restaurants that are cleaning up food waste or vacuums that are used to vacuum up carpeted areas in larger buildings like offices will likely need to be emptied more frequently. Make sure to check the capacity of your vacuum. 

If you have a canister vacuum or a vacuum that doesn’t use replaceable bags, you should empty it after every use. This prevents issues with your vacuum getting to full or waste materials sitting in your vacuum cleaner for longer periods of time. If you have a vacuum bag you will want to replace it as it gets full to make the most out of your bags. If you notice that vacuum suction seems low, or your vacuum has an indicator light for when the bag is full, you should replace the bag. You should not wait until a vacuum bag is at it fullest capacity. 

How Do You Empty Out A Bissell Commercial Vacuum

Different vacuums have different instructions for emptying them but the core principles are the same. Turn off your vacuum cleaner and unplug the vacuum if it is a corded vacuum. Open the canister or the body of the vacuum. If you have a vacuum bag you will need to remove it and then replace it before you continue you vacuuming. If the vacuum just a simple canister you will need to empty it out over a trash can or other waste receptacle. There are some unique cases for vacuums that are multi-use like a wet/dry vacuum. In those cases, you might not only need to empty out canisters but also tanks to remove dirty water. 

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