Spotlight on the BGSS1481 Little Green Pro!!

Bissell Little Green Pro Vacuum

Spotlight on the BGSS1481 Little Green Pro!!

Keeping carpets free of spots and stains is always a challenge for contract cleaners and facility managers. One key aspect of keeping your carpets looking their best is being ready to deal with spots before they become stains, and the BGSS1481 is the perfect tool for the task.

Effective Spot Cleaning in a Portable Package

Having the BGSS1481 Little Green Pro Portable Spot Cleaner in your inventory means you’ll have the most effective spot cleaner at your disposal, ready to battle everything from dirt and debris to spilled liquids at any time. This commercial carpet extractor combines powerful brushing action, vacuum suction and cleaning solution to remove stains and dirt, and you can use it on everything from stairs to area rugs and upholstery thanks to its long power cord and hose. You’ll make less frequent trips to the sink thanks to its large capacity tank too, making it an ultra-convenient choice for deep cleaning.

Making Upholstery Cleaning Easy

The BGSS1481’s convenient design makes cleaning upholstery a snap, and this important task can make your facility healthier. Nearly every type of facility has upholstered areas that can become gathering places for germs, dirt and allergens. Think about the breakroom chairs in your warehouse, the sofas of your lobby or even the fabric-lined cubicle dividers in your office. All of these areas can become a hotspot for allergens and dust, and anything covered in fabric can be a target for stains. The BGSS1481 can be used on all of these upholstered areas to keep them free of dust, debris and allergens, making your facility healthier and more attractive.

BGSS1481 Specs

Surface type: Carpet, upholstery, auto, stairs
Tank capacity: 3/4 gallon
Power rating: 5.7 amps
Power source: Corded
Heater: No
Power cord length: 20 ft.
Stair tools: 6” stair tool
Carry handle: Yes
Warranty: Limited 1 year commercial warranty