Commercial vs. Residential Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Bisell Upright Vacuum

Commercial vs. Residential Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Upright vacuum cleaners are one of the most important tools in any building service contractor’s arsenal, and choosing the wrong one can be costly. There are so many models to choose from, and many contract cleaners find themselves wondering what the difference is between commercial and residential equipment.

If you are a cleaning professional, you need professional cleaning equipment to get the job done well. Your workload is tough, and residential vacuum cleaners simply aren’t up to the task. In fact, most are engineered to run for about 30 minutes a week, the amount of time the average user takes to vacuum up household floors. Your needs are much greater, so you’ll need a greater machine.

Our Bissell upright vacuum cleaners are designed specifically for professional use. They perform under the most rigorous conditions, and they easily withstand the wear and tear of commercial cleaning operations.

Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaners Reduce Maintenance Costs

Building service contractors may be tempted at first to choose a residential vacuum. These machines often carry a lower price tag than commercial models, which can be attractive to those concerned about their bottom line. However, residential models are more expensive over time due to the costly repairs they will need if used in commercial operations. Often, these costs far exceed the equipment’s original price, forcing you to purchase a new machine. These costs are further amplified when you account for the downtime experienced when a vital piece of equipment can’t be used.

In contrast, quality commercial machines like our upright vacuums not only require fewer repairs, but they also don’t require hard-to-find parts or long waits at the repair shop. We’ve designed every one of our commercial upright vacuums with contractors in mind, which means their parts are usually readily available and repairs are simple.

Bissell Commercial Upright Vacuums for Every Industry

Our upright vacuums are designed to provide effective, efficient cleaning to every industry. Whether you need to clean a hospital, school, restaurant, office  or other establishments, we provide models to fit your needs and budget. Talk to our team today about the best model for your needs.