Differences Between Commercial & Residential Vacuums

There are many different vacuum brands that provide vacuum cleaners for a variety of different applications. One thing you may notice is that some vacuum cleaners are rated for residential use, while others are recommended for commercial cleaning. You might wonder what the difference is between a commercial vacuum cleaner and a residential cleaner, or wonder if as a small business owner, you could simply use a residential cleaner, or as a homeowner, you should spring for a commercial vacuum. In this article, we will discuss the key differences between commercial and residential cleaning equipment. If you own a business and are interested in getting commercial cleaning equipment for your property, you can shop our store of Bissell BigGreen Commercial products. Additionally, if you would like a recommendation on which pieces of equipment fit your property’s needs, budgets, etc. please contact us for more information.

Commercial Cleaners Are Built With Larger Cleaning Operations In Mind

Commercial cleaning equipment is designed with a few things in mind. Most notably, commercial cleaning equipment needs to be dependable & durable as it will likely see more use than a residential model. Not only is commercial cleaning equipment like vacuums and floor care devices used more often but it is also used for much larger spaces. Hotels, for example, have to clean dozens of rooms and floors on a daily basis. For this reason, it is important that the vacuum is designed to be both more efficient and more durable. 

Commercial Vacuums Provide Energy Efficient Cleaning

Energy efficiency is extremely important to business owners. Utility costs are much higher on a commercial property than on a residential one. A cleaning product that is going to be used on a daily basis needs to provide a quick, effective, and energy-efficient cleaning experience. Moreover, cleaning itself needs to be more efficient. Creating vacuum cleaners with larger capacities, stronger motors, and larger cleaning paths are a few ways a large space can be cleaned more effectively. 

Commercial Vacuums Have Extra Capabilities

Another common difference between commercial and residential cleaning equipment is its versatility. A commercial property will likely have more cleaning tasks that need to be addressed compared to a home or apartment unit. For this reason, many types of commercial cleaning equipment come with extra add-ons, attachments, and applications. Additionally, high-end cleaning equipment might have upgraded versions of what you would see in a residential model. This can include stronger HEPA filters or stronger motors that make it easier to clean a large area and prevent issues with air quality. 

Should I Get A “Residential” Vacuum For My Business?

You might be tempted to get a residential vacuum or other cleaning appliance for your business. Generally speaking, this is not really recommended. If you have customers or clients visiting your business and you need to clean your property you should consider a commercial cleaning option. The durability, versatility, and improved cleaning will make it a better fit for your business. The only times a residential vacuum would be apt for a business would be for a small business that doesn’t need strong cleaning solutions. But, if you have a team of employees, visit customers/clients, and operate a business 5 days a week, you should consider a commercial vacuum. Businesses have much higher foot traffic compared to homes.

Should I Get A “Commercial” Vacuum For My Home?

A commercial vacuum can be a good fit for a homeowner, especially if you have a larger space. But again, generally speaking, it is recommended that homeowners and apartment owners simply use residential vacuums. Residential and commercial vacuums are specifically designed for their properties. If you have a home where you need to clean a large space and you are cleaning that space more frequently than that might be a good reason to get a commercial vacuum cleaner instead of a residential one.  

Shop For Commercial Cleaning Equipment

If you are interested in commercial cleaning equipment like vacuums, sweepers, and floor machines for your business, you can shop for them online or get recommendations by contacting our team.