How Do I Troubleshoot a Commercial Vacuum Cleaner?

Vacuum troubles can be concerning. Whether a vacuum cleaner won’t stay on, won’t suck things up, or has other issues, it can always be a concern for any business owner. No one wants to find out that it is time to replace a vacuum cleaner. And for businesses this can be especially frustrating, because even if it is time to get a new vacuum, you likely still want to handle the mess quickly and efficiently. That is why it is important to be able to troubleshoot a vacuum cleaner. Finding the root causes of issues, solving them, knowing when/where to get replacement parts, and when it is time for a replacement vacuum can all help operations move smoothly. If you have a specific question about your vacuum, or are looking for recommendations on cleaning equipment please contact our office. 

Why Won't A Vacuum Turn On or Stay On?

One of the most common vacuum cleaner issues is a vacuum cleaner that either cannot be turned on or comes on but immediately shuts off. Here are a few troubleshooting tips for a vacuum with power issues: 

  • Make Sure It Isn’t The Electrical System: First and foremost, it might not be the vacuum itself. Check different outlets around the property. Sometimes an outlet can be faulty, and in other cases an electrical system might need work. If a vacuum comes on and shuts off that might be a sign that there is an issue with the circuit breaker. 
  • Check The Wire: If it is not the outlet or the building that is causing the problem, you should check for signs of damage around the wire and plug. Bent prongs and frayed wires are signs that your vacuum cord might need to be replaced. 
  • Check Fail Safe Triggers: Another common reason a vacuum might not turn on or stay on is that there are fail safes. Some vacuum cleaners have systems designed to shut off the vacuum to prevent damage cause by blockages, clogs, and overheating. It is possible for these systems to glitch. Consult the manual of your device for more information. 

Why Is My Vacuum Cleaner Not Cleaning That Well?

If you notice a trail of debris your vacuum is failing to clean or a loss of suction, there are many things to consider. A loss of section could be as simple as using thee wrong height setting when vacuuming. Or if the bag or filter needs to be replaced this can also cause issues when cleaning. First you should check if the vacuum needs to be emptied, if bags need to be replaced, and if filters are in good condition. After that you should check the brush roll and hoses for any blockages or tangled messes. 

How Do I Get Replacement Parts For My Vacuum Cleaner?

If you own Bissell Commercial equipment we can help you get replacement parts fo your vacuum cleaner. Our team would be happy to help you get replacement bags, brush rolls, and other pieces of your vacuum cleaner. We can provide full parts lists, manuals, and other important documents that can make it easier to replace your vacuum cleaner. 

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