How Do Wet/Dry Vacuums Work?

Wet/dry vacuums are a new popular cleaning device for both residential and commercial use. Also referred to as vacuum/mops, a wet and dry vacuum is a machine that is capable of cleaning both wet and dry messes. They are a relatively new technology when it comes to cleaning. As such, many businesses might be interested in learning more about how wet/dry vacuuming works, and how it can help increase the efficiency of their cleaning operations. In this article, we will cover how wet/dry vacuums work, what types of messes they can clean, and more. If you are interested in commercial cleaning equipment including wet/dry vacuum cleaners, we recommend checking out the BGFW13 3-in-1 Vacuum & Mop. This machine not only cleans wet and dry messes, but it also dries the floors as it cleans. 

What Exactly Is A Wet/Dry Vacuum & Mop?

A wet and dry vacuum cleaner is a machine that can both mop and vacuum debris simultaneously. Traditionally, vacuum cleaners replace the need for a dustpan and broom when cleaning around a facility. They can easily clean up loose dirt and debris, but they are not able to clean sticky messes or wet debris. For that, you would usually need a mop or another piece of cleaning equipment. Wet/Dry vacuum cleaners combine two technologies into one. And some machines like the BGFW13 also include a drying technology for added efficiency. The machine not only cleans wet and dry messes but also helps dry the floor so it can be used by employees, customers, and other visitors quickly. For this reason, wet/dry mops have been recommended for a variety of businesses like retail/restaurants, hotels, hospitals, etc. one of the common issues with cleaning a wet mess is that the floor will need to be blocked off while it dries, which can cause foot traffic issues for employees or clients/customers. But because the BGFW13 dries as it cleans, there is less downtime. 

How Does A Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner Work?

Wet/dry vacuum cleaners use a combination of both suction/vacuuming and filtration to clean both wet and dry debris. Like a typical vacuum, suction from the motor pulls debris into the vacuum cleaner. Different wet/dry vacuums have different filters or series of filters to trap in the wet and dry debris. A typical vacuum cleaner uses a bag or canister to collect dry debris and could be damaged if wet messes were vacuumed into it. But with a wet/dry vacuum, the canister is designed to hold wet and dry debris. This makes this tool much more versatile for quickly cleaning messes throughout a property. 

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