How Warehouses Can Use HEPA Filters

How Warehouses Can Use HEPA Filters

Warehouses can store a variety of products for long periods of time and products that go unmoved for long periods of time can lead to poor indoor air quality and unclean surfaces. By putting the proper measures in place to keep these warehouses clean and sanitized, the indoor air quality will improve.

There are several ways a warehouse can implement proper filtration methods but HEPA filters are one of the best ways they can efficiently keep the warehouse clean and employees safe.

Air Filtration

The first step in keeping your warehouse clean is through air filtration. If your HVAC system is well maintained and repaired regularly, the indoor air quality of the warehouse will vastly improve. HEPA filters can be used with HVAC and viltration systems and will remove particles down to 0.3 microns from the air. Replacing them every three months will ensure they work efficiently, prevent your HVAC system from overheating, and provide optimum air flow throughout the warehouse.


While indoor air quality is very important in a warehouse, keeping surfaces clean is just as important. Vacuums that use HEPA filters will ensure that all surfaces are as clean as possible and all dust, dirt, and allergens are removed.

HEPA filters in commercial vacuums offer 99.97% micro-filtration down to 0.3 microns and provide the best clean for warehouses. When vacuuming, the HEPA filter supports air filtration by picking up the particles that have settled onto surfaces.

Air Purifiers

Positioning air purifiers throughout the warehouse floor, office, and other high-traffic areas help remove dust, pollutants, and other allergens. These air purifiers can be fitted with HEPA filters to help ensure that even the smallest particles are removed from the air. This helps employees stay healthy.

Sweepers & Scrubbers

While HEPA filter vacuums help remove particles from surfaces, using sweepers and scrubbers helps remove even the smallest particles during the cleaning process. The pads on the Bissell Commercial Scrubbers can be removed and cleaned, making them cost effective.

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