Product Highlight: The BG475 30″ Sweeper

If you need a great cleaning solution for indoor/outdoor areas for your property, we highly recommend a walk-behind power sweeper. Sweepers from Bissell Commercial are ideal for cleaning small and big debris and provide a more efficient and environmentally-conscious cleaning experience. For large areas we highly recommend the BG475 30″ sweeper. If you are interested in getting a manual or battery-powered sweeper for your property, and are interested in a recommendation, please give us a call or click here to browse our power sweepers.

What Is The BG475 30" Battery-Powered Walk Behind Sweeper?

The BG475 30″ sweeper is a walk-behind battery-powered sweeper that allows people to quickly clean around indoor/outdoor areas of your property. Is perfect for any place with concrete or asphalt and for cleaning up garbage, plant debris, dust, dirt and more. The adjustable head allows you to pick up different sized debris. We highly recommend sweepers for parking lots & garages, gas stations, auto repair shops, warehouses, agricultural facilities, and other properties that need to clean indoor and outdoor spaces effectively. 

Compared to other options for cleaning these spaces a product like a power sweeper is ideal because it is both more efficient and more environmentally friendly. For example, using a broom and dust pan is not going to clean nearly as fast as using a BG475 30″, not only is the cleaning path larger, but the three brush system cleans twice in one pass. Alternatively, using a leaf blower just adds to the pollution by moving trash and garbage around instead of removing it. 

BG475 30" Features

The Deluxe Turbo Sweeper

The BG475 30″ has some impressive features. As the name suggests, it has a wide 30″ cleaning path, making it perfect for larger facilities. Like our other sweepers, this sweeper uses a three brush system where the front two brushes spin in opposite directions allowing for a more efficient cleaning. Debris of all sizes are pulled towards the center. 

The BG475 30″ can pick up small and large debris and wet & dry debris. The adjustment knob above the brushes can be used to get the brushes closer to the ground for picking up dirt, dust, and other fine debris. 

Get Recommendations On Commercial Power Sweepers

If you need a solution for your property for cleaning parking lots, garages, indoor and outdoor areas, and are considering getting a power sweeper, please give us a call. Our team would be happy to discuss benefits of our various sweepers.