Product Highlight: The BGC-1 Floor Machine

Floor machines from Bissell BigGreen Commercial can help you handle many different types of projects. The BGC-1 and BGC-2 are both great examples of this. Their interchangeable pads, brushes, and aprons allow you to handle many different floor care activities. This tool is great for handling buffing, polishing, and other cleaning projects as well as dealing with facilities with many different floor materials. In this article, we will discuss some of the projects the BGC-1 can handle. If you are interested in floor machines, click below to shop for the perfect machine for your facility. 

Interchangeable Aprons For the BGC-1 Floor Machine

You can buy and use a variety of different sized aprons for the BGC-1 and BGC-2 floor machines. This means you can clean more effectively in spaces that have different dimensions while only needing one machine. For example, if there are rooms with tighter layouts, you can use the smaller sizes, and use the bigger sizes for cleaning large open areas. Both the BGC-1 and BGC-2 have 13″, 15″, 17″ and 21″ aprons, brushes, and polishing pads available. While many of floor machines allow you to change out the pads and brushes, the interchangeable sized aprons mean you have a lot of more versatility when you use a BGC-1 or BGC-2. Not only can you handle different cleaning activities and floor types but you can handle different sized rooms or rooms with unique geometry. 

What Cleaning Projects Can Bissell BigGreen Commercial Floor Machines Handle?

Our floor machines can handle a variety of flooring materials and floor cleaning projects. The interchangeable brushes and pads are sold individually and provide additional versatility to each machine. For example, the polish pads can be used to polish tile, marble or other hard surfaces. Brushes can also be used to effectively clean different surfaces as well. We recommend our floor machines across many different industries including hotels, apartment buildings, retail locations, and other large facilities. With their quiet operation and versatility it is a great way to handle all of your property’s floor cleaning projects. 

What Floor Machine Is Right For My Property?

When choosing between floor machines there are a variety of things you should consider. The benefit of many of our floor machines is that they can handle a variety of surfaces and cleaning projects including cleaning, buffing, and polishing floor materials. The interchangeable brushes, pads, and other equipment makes it easy for a single machine to handle a bulk of your floor cleaning needs. That said, different machines come in different sizes, are either 1 or 2-speed, and are recommended for different projects. We provide documents and specifications on all of our floor machines. But if you aren’t fully sure what floor machine is right for your property, we would be happy to make recommendations based on the needs of your space and our years of experience working with different businesses. Simply give us a call and we will discuss the perfect machine for your property. 

Get Floor Machines For Your Property

If you need floor machines for your property or are interested in getting a recommendation or additional information on the different parts including aprons, brushes, and pads for these machines, please contact us.