Versatile Cleaning with the BGCC1000


Versatile Cleaning with the BGCC1000

Versatility. Efficiency. Innovation.

That sums up the BGCC1000 battery scrubber and polisher.

Commercial Caddy Clean’s Versatile Design

Nothing compares to the BGCC1000 when it comes to versatility. The modular construction with optional telescopic shaft, adjustable scrubber head and solution tank that attaches to the handle make it a well-rounded tool for any cleaning application.

Cleaning restrooms in a large facility? Just take the tank off for efficient above-the-floor cleaning. Leave the tank on for easy scrubbing in between urinals or bathroom stalls.

This versatility is what makes the BGCC1000 Caddy Clean the best cleaning tool for areas with hard-to-reach floors, like restrooms, locker rooms, boats and food service establishments.

You keep full control of the unit, and its two counter rotating brushes are for more than just on the ground cleaning — they can also clean walls, making them a great solution for greasy kitchens or soap-scum filled locker rooms.

After using the Caddy Clean, follow up with the CycloMop (CM500) to finish the job. The first commercial grade spin mop, the CycloMop rotates 360 degrees to quickly and effectively clean up dirt, dust and spills from vinyl, marble, tile, laminate and wood floors and other hard surfaces. Your floors will be clean and dry in half the time compared to using a mop and bucket!

The ultra-absorbent microfiber head can be reused multiple times and is machine washable, and the mop head is specially designed to be easily attached or removed without having to touch the dirty mop head. The fast-spinning stainless steel wringer of the bucket can be activated by just pushing the foot pedal or simply pumping the mop handle up and down. The CycloMop can even spin the mop in the water for the most effective cleaning and rinsing of the mop head.

New and Improved Battery Tech

The BGCC1000 features a lithium ion battery with a runtime of up to six hours. Unlike other batteries, the lithium ion battery retains a full charge all the way to the end of the battery cycle. When we talk about a long battery run time, we mean it; thanks to this technology, the scrubber will continue to spin at full torque for the entire battery cycle. Operations won’t frustratingly slow down toward the end of the battery so you can continue to clean at full power for longer.

If you are cleaning restrooms, foodservice areas, boats, locker rooms or other areas with hard-to-reach floors, the combination of the Caddy Clean and CycloMop will enable you to clean more thoroughly and efficiently than ever before. To schedule a demo or learn more, contact the team at Bissell today at 1-800-242-1378!