What Are The Advantages of a Canister Vacuum?

One tool that is needed at almost every facility is a vacuum cleaner. Whether you run an office, an auto repair shop, a retail location, or a hotel a commercial vacuum can help clean up messes and handle floor care and carpet cleaning week to week. There are many different brands of vacuums as well as types of vacuums. One of the most common types of vacuums are canister vacuums. Compared to upright or backpack vacuums, the clear advantage of a canister vacuum is the maneuverability and weight. By separating the vacuum head and hose from the body of the vacuum, it is easier to move throughout a space with this type of vacuum cleaner. Click below to browse our canister vacuums, or read on to learn more about the advantages of canister vacuum cleaners. 

Are Canister Vacuum Cleaners Easier To Move Around?

One of the key reasons to get a canister vacuum is for improved maneuverability. Because the head of the vacuum cleaner is separated from the body, you can easily clean a larger space. On top of that the wand can easily be moved around to clean walls, blinds, ceilings, and other areas of a property. A canister vacuum cleaner is perfect for hotels and properties that have multiple levels or that need cleaning for multiple surfaces. For example, a retail location can use a canister vacuum to easily clean shelves throughout the property, as can a storage facility. Of course, there are some backpack vacuums that allow for the same degree of maneuverability. But a benefit that is unique to canister vacuums is that you don’t have to lug around the vacuum as much. 

Are Canister Vacuums Lighter?

Another reason to use a canister vacuum is that it is easier to move throughout a facility. Instead of lifting and moving the vacuum cleaner as you clean the vacuum can be pulled behind you thanks to the wheels on the vacuum cleaner. This also puts less strain on the person cleaning, as both upright and backpack vacuums can get heavy depending on the model. Lightweight vacuums often have to sacrifice capacity to make up for this, whereas canister vacuums do not. This means you can clean a larger area with some canister vacuums when comparing to an upright or a backpack vacuum. 

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