What Cleaning Equipment Works Best With Grease?

Many different businesses have to worry about grease. From cleaning grease off of machinery like automotive repair shops, to handling the food grease that is found in commercial kitchens and restaurants. Grease is an especially difficult material to clean because of how it interacts with water. As a lipid, it is insoluble in water, so grease actually repels the water used to clean it, making it easy for grease to coat equipment, walls, and floors. This can also make the area unsafe for employees because of slipping hazards. For this reason it is important for any business that deals with greasy surfaces and equipment to consider the best ways to handle grease. 

Here at Bissell BigGreen Commercial, we offer a variety of machines and cleaning solutions that can help fight grease on floors, walls, and equipment surfaces. For example, our floor scrubbing tools can help fight grease both on floors and on counters and other flat surfaces. Click below to shop for products, or read on to learn more about grease cleaning solutions. 

Does Steam Cleaning Clean Grease?

One option you might consider for cleaning grease is steam cleaning. Steam cleaning works by using heat to break down bacteria, grease, and other contaminants before brushing them away or vacuuming them up. Steam cleaning is also used as an effective way to disinfect surfaces throughout a property because the high heat can kill microbes. This is why commercial dishwashers work at such high heat to both eliminate bacteria and to break apart grease that is left on surfaces. Products like the BGST1566 can help clean up sticky dried on spots as well as grease. 

What Cleaning Solution Is Best For Cleaning Grease

When shopping for cleaning solution it is important to make sure you get the right one for the surface you are cleaning. There are a variety of different cleaning formulas that can help with many different cleaning solutions. Some cleaning solutions are specifically made to break up grease chemically. Because grease is non-soluble and isn’t broken down by water, these chemical formulas are designed to break up grease. You can find grease fighting solutions in everything from dishwashing liquid to special all-purpose cleaners designed for countertops, equipment, and flooring. 

Is The Most Effective Way To Clean Greasy Surfaces?

By far the most effective way to clean a greasy surface is to scrub the surface with some type of grease fighting formula. Agitating the surface of your floor, equipment, or counters is the most effective method. To that end, we have a variety of floor scrubbing tools like the BGCC1000 or BGCC500 that are designed to be used on floors, counters, and equipment. 

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