What Is The Best Cleaning Equipment For Drying Floors

What Is The Best Cleaning Equipment For Drying Floors

Whether your floors are wet from cleaning them or there is a flood in your building, every property should have a solution for quickly drying their floors. This is especially true for buildings that have 24/7 foot traffic. Hotels, hospitals, apartment buildings, and other buildings that are open at all hours, need to have quick solutions for drying floors to make sure there is a decreased period of time when the floors will be slick and slippery for your guests or residents. 

What Air Movers Are Best For My Property?

Air movers are some of the best options for quickly cleaning a floor. Whether due to inclement weather, a burst pipe, or a cleaning project, you should always work to getting floors dry as quickly as possible. Excess water and moisture can lead to damage to your property including damage to your baseboards. Air movers are a great solution. Some air movers can be easily stacked in order to dry larger areas. 

The Hurricone: Easy To Move Floor Drying Equipment

If you are going to dry a space for a long period of time, we would recommend equipment like the Hurricone. The Hurricone doubles as a wet floor sign and a drying apparatus. It is perfect for properties that are open 24/7. As a wet floor sign it makes it clear to any residents, customers, or guests that the floor is slick, while also drying the floor. The Hurricone is also very maneuverable making it easy to dry multiple areas over the course of the day. 

Cleaning Equipment That Dries as it Cleans

Another thing to consider is how to dry a floor effectively while you clean it. Many floor cleaning solutions cause the floor to be wet and slick. Aside from the time you will need to clean the floor, you might need the floor to be closed for a few more hours while it naturally dries. While an air mover can help, a greater solution is cleaning equipment that dries while it is cleaning. For example the BGUS1500 is a floor scrubbing machine that dries as it scrubs. It is the perfect solution for cleaning a floor quickly and making sure the floor can be open for foot traffic immediately after it is done being cleaned. 

Why Is The Floor So Slippery After Polishing It?

Floors can often be slicker because of polish or waxing. Using the wrong products can lead to a floor being extremely slick and potentially dangerous for guests. In a recent article, you can learn more about floor cleaning advice to prevent slips and falls at your property. 

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