Which Bissell Vacuum Should I Buy?

Which Bissell Vacuum Should I Buy?

Commercial vacuums are design to clean a large space quickly and efficiently but with different types of vacuums, features, and styles, deciding which Bissell Commercial vacuum will work best for your business can be overwhelming.

No matter what type of commercial space you are trying to clean, Bissell will get the job done! Learn more about the different features of Bissell Commercial vacuums to help make the decision easier.

Features of Bissell Commercial Vacuums

  • Wide cleaning path to make cleaning a quicker process
  • Light weight so moving around your facility with your vacuum is easier than ever
  • Long power cords to help get those spaces far from outlets
  • High capacity bags helping to reduce the frequency of having to stop and replace the bag
  • Attachments to help get the nooks and crannies your vacuum might not be able to reach

Functional Design

With commercial vacuums used for hours at end, Bissell has designed their commercial vacuums with ergonomics in mind. Bissell Commercial upright vacuums are all under 20 pounds making it easy to carry them up and down stairs as well as throughout your facility. With a wide cleaning path, each of the vacuums is also able to clean a large space quicker than ever before.

Our Most Popular Upright Vacuums


With a 13” wide cleaning head and weighing just 8 pounds, the BGU8000 is small but mighty. The vacuum can go from carpeted to bare flooring with no adjustment, has a virtually indestructible reinforced fan that has a lifetime warranty, large rear wheels to make it easy to move room to room, and the 40 foot power cord is connected to the pigtail cord using a clamp, making it easy to replace in case of damage.


The BGU101DC is a powerful vacuum with an 870-watt motor, heat overload protection system, and reinforced fan. Clean your space with ease thanks to the 12” cleaning path and 50-foot-long power cord, adjustable carpet height adjustments, and a direct cup design. You will never have to play the “Is my vacuum full?” guessing game ever again!


The most powerful Bissell Commercial vacuum, the BGUPRO18T has a powerful 1000-watt dual motor cleaning deep in one pass. The vacuum also come with a full set of attachments making it easy to clean upholstery, dust corners and under furniture, and a crevice tool to get those tight corners and in between heating systems. Worried about the vacuum tipping when using attachments? The vacuum has a balanced center of gravity preventing it from tipping.