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Why Do I Need a Commercial Vacuum for My Business?

Bissell Upright VacuumThe vacuum you use in your home might be strong and mighty, but when it comes to your business, a commercial vacuum is a must for keeping your facility clean. Even if you start off with a vacuum ideal for residential properties, the lifespan on the machine will be much shorter once you start using it in your commercial space.

Hesitant on purchasing a commercial vacuum for your business? Learn more about the benefits.

  • More power. The dirt, dust, and debris that you will find in your business are much different than that of your home. On a daily basis, there will be dozens of people in and out of your facility and vacuuming constantly means you’re going to need more power to get the job down the right way, the first time.
  • Built for hours of use. Vacuuming a large commercial space doesn’t come close to comparing to vacuuming the bedrooms in your home. With heat overload protection systems, reinforced fans, and powerful motors, Bissell Commercial vacuums can clean for hours without shortening their lifespan.
  • Cleaning more efficiently. The average household vacuum has a cleaning width of around 8 inches and commercial vacuums have cleaning widths between 8 and 13 inches so you can clean a larger area at once. If you want to clean even more efficiently, we also offer extra-wide vacuums with 24-inch and 28-inch cleaning widths.

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