5 Key Benefits of Canister Vacuums

5 Key Benefits of Canister Vacuums

Choosing a vacuum is an important decision for any commercial property. Before choosing a vacuum you will want to consider a few key factors. Your budget, your facility size, the flooring materials of your property, and your cleaning needs will all factor into what vacuum is best for your property. Some general rules of thumb always apply. You should always aim to get a high quality vacuum model that is going to last for years. You want to make sure your vacuum is versatile and can handle all of your property’s needs. But beyond that, you still have many options. There are many different types of vacuums like canister vs upright. There are a variety of reasons to consider getting a canister vacuum. 

1. Canister Vacuums Are More Maneuverable

The first reason to consider getting a canister vacuum instead of an upright vacuum is the maneuverability. A canister vacuum’s cleaning wand is separate from the rest of the vacuum. This makes it easier to clean under, around, and above furniture. If your property has a lot of tight turns, or requires cleaning under a lot of furniture, a canister vacuum might be the right pick for your facility. 

2. Canister Vacuums Are Highly Mobile

An upright vacuum cleaner is pushed around a property and can be quite cumbersome. By comparison, a canister vacuum is simply pulled around on its wheels. This can make the vacuum feel much lighter even if it is the same weight as an upright vacuum. If you have large facilities to clean a canister vacuum might be the right choice. 

3. Canister Vacuums Often Make Less Noise

While this can vary from model to model, generally speaking canister vacuums are less loud than upright vacuums. If you are concerned about sound disruption at your property, a canister vacuum might be the right call to prevent disruptions for your property. For example, apartment buildings that require cleaning while tenants are in their rooms can benefit from canister vacuums because of the lack of noise pollution. 

4. Canister Vacuums Can Provide More Versatility For Cleaning

Canister vacuums often come with many different attachments that make them much more versatile for cleaning not only floors and carpets but also furniture. If part of your cleaning project involves cleaning upholstered furniture, a canister vacuum with crevice tools would be perfect for that job.

5. Canister Vacuums Can Have Larger Capacities

Because upright vacuums require the user to push the weight of the motor, components, and the contents of the vacuum bag. Because of this, the vacuums are often designed to limit weight by having smaller capacities. Since canister vacuums are lighter by comparison and don’t have to be carried by the user, they often support larger capacities. 

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