Where To Get Bissell Vacuum Replacement Parts

Where To Get Bissell Vacuum Replacement Parts

If you own a Bissell vacuum cleaner you likely want to make sure you have the ability to get replacement parts and/or replacement products like bags and cleaning solutions. Here at Bissell Commercial, we provide replacement pieces for all of the vacuums and cleaning products we sell. From brushes to the smallest screws, if you need anything replaced on a Bissell product we can help. In this article, we will cover how to identify when parts need to be replaced, where to go to get professional vacuum repair for Bissell products, and more information on getting parts shipped. 

BG8146 Brush Roll

Troubleshooting Your Commercial Bissell Equipment

If you notice that your Bissell equipment is either not working or not working as well as it was, it may simply need cleaning, or it may need a component replaced. For example, in a Bissell vacuum, a clogged brush roll may simply need to be cleaned out in order to keep it spinning. But if you notice damage to the brush roll or another part of the vacuum you might want to get that part replaced, especially if it is causing issues with your vacuum. Another thing to consider is elements like the hoses on your vacuum, small holes or cracks can greatly effect vacuum efficiency. If you notice these issues, you might need replacement hoses. 

Where To Get Commercial Cleaning Equipment Repaired

While many repairs may be handled on your own and simply require replacing the bad screw, hose, casing, or other section of the vacuum, there are other projects that might be more difficult. If you have an issue with a motor or an air filter for example, you might want to go to a local vacuum repair shop to handle the repairs. When looking for a repair shop you should look for a shop that is highly rated and make sure to call them in advance. You want to make sure that they can provide repairs for your specific vacuum and have access to the parts you need.