How To Use A Commercial Floor Scrubber

How To Use A Commercial Floor Scrubber

A commercial floor machine or commercial floor scrubber is a great way to keep your floors shining. In this article we will discuss how to properly operate various floor machines from Bissell as well as go over the different uses between floor buffers and scrubbing machines. If you are looking to buy a floor scrubber or floor machine for your commercial business or property, please use our online store to shop floor machines, and if you have any questions or would like a recommendation on a floor machine, please contact us for additional help. 

How To Use A Commercial Floor Buffing Machine

Different floor machines will have different instructions, but there are some evergreen tips that every cleaning team should know when using a floor machine. 

  • Preparing The Area: If you are cleaning in a public space, make sure to put down appropriate wet floor signs and not remove them until the floor is completely dry. This can prevent injuries to guests and passersby. Additionally, you will want to remove any obstacles that could make cleaning difficult. 
  • Mixing Cleaning Solution: Follow the exact instructions when using the cleaning solution or shampoo. Using more detergent than necessary can create a leftover residue on floors and leave your floors in worse shape than they started. 
  • Using The Machine: Buffing machines are very powerful, make sure you are not fighting the machine when using it. You want to let the machine guide you as you slowly move forward. Don’t forget, the head of your machine is round, you you may need to use a different tool for any corners. 
  • Choosing The Right Pad: Make sure you choose the right pad or brush for the floor you are working with. Different pads are designed for different levels of cleaning, and brushes are better suited for textured, uneven tile with grout lines. 

How To Use Floor Scrubbing Machines

Floor scrubbing machines are very effective for cleaning floors with their rotating brushes. Not only can floor scrubbing machines be used to clean various floors, but some machines are designed to be used to clean appliances as well. Featuring a smaller head than a traditional floor machine, you can get into tight corners and crevices 

  • Sweep, Vacuum & Dust The Area: Before you begin scrubbing it can help to do an initial cleaning with a vacuum cleaner as well as sweep and dust the area you are going to be scrubbing. This can remove excess loose dirt that is sitting on top of the surfaces you plan to clean.
  • Preparing The Area: Like with a floor machine you want to make sure any residents or customers are made aware of your cleaning project by using wet floor signs. Additionally, you will want to remove any large objects that will get in the way as you clean.  
  • Using The Machine: When using the machine you want to start at the edges of what you are cleaning and work towards the middle, that way any dirt or grime is pushed away from the walls.