What Vacuums Do Hotels Use?

What Vacuums Do Hotels Use?

The difference between a clean and messy hotel is almost immediately apparent. That is why large hotel chains across America put so much effort and time into choosing the right cleaning products so that they can ensure that their lobbies, hallways, amenities, and rooms meet the standards of their guests. Here at Bissell BigGreen Commercial, we recommend a variety of vacuum cleaners to hotels and other hospitality properties in the area. In this article we will cover a few of the different vacuum cleaner types we recommend.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners For Hotels

One of the best options for a hotel or other property in the hospitality industry is a high-quality upright vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner like the BGU8000 is perfect for cleaning guest’s rooms, hallways, lobbies, and can handle both carpeted areas as well as hardwood flooring. With it’s non-marring bumpers and soft wheels it is perfect for cleaning both carpeted surfaces as well as different floor materials like tile, vinyl, or wood. In fact, this model is designed to self-adjust when switching from a carpeted area to a hardwood floor so it is perfect for cleaning multiple hotel rooms that have a mix of carpeted and hardwood sections. 

Canister Vacuum Cleaners For Hotels

Canister vacuums are also often used to clean hallways, lobbies, and various amenities throughout a hotel or other property. Vacuums like the BGComp9H are perfect for cleaners that need to clean both carpets and upholstery. The fact that the brush is attached to the canister via a tube means it is easier to move the cleaning head throughout a space making it easier to reach various areas. With added attachments, you can clean couches, chairs, and other areas around a property. 

Backpack Vacuum Cleaners For Hotels

Another common choice for vacuum cleaners for hotels is a classic backpack vacuum. This is often used for large multi-tiered properties as it is easier to clean longer hallways and move around a property with a lightweight backpack vacuum. The BGC300B-BP for example, not only is lightweight but also battery powered. This allows your team to clean throughout a property without having to worry about dragging a cord or a canister from area to area. This can make it easier for your team to get the cleaning job done without worrying about inconveniencing guests by obstructed their path with a corded vacuum cleaner.