How To Clean & Maintain Commercial Vacuums

How To Clean & Maintain Commercial Vacuums

One thing that contributes greatly to how long a vacuum cleaner will function is how you treat it. Proper maintenance, storage, and frequent deep-cleaning can have a large impact on the function of your vacuum cleaner. This can greatly improve the investment you make into your cleaning tools. In this article we will cover a few ways you can improve your maintenance, repairs, and cleaning. If you have questions about any Bissell commercial products, please contact our team. We would be happy to answer any of your questions about our commercial cleaning products as well as help you find any spare parts or attachments you need. 

woman using Bissell Vacuum on tile floor

Cleaning Your Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

There are a variety of cleaning tasks you should be handling every single time you use your vacuum or other cleaning product. Some routine tasks include: 

  • Wiping Down The Exterior Of Your Vacuum: One simple task to handle is a quick wipe down of the outside of your vacuum cleaner. This can prevent dirt and dust buildup on the outside of your vacuum that could eventually get inside your vacuum. 
  • Inspecting And Cleaning The Power Cord: A power cord for a vacuum is frequently dragged through the mess that you are cleaning. Make sure to fully extend the wire and wipe it down to remove dirt or debris that has become attached to it. 
  • Clean The Inside Of The Vacuum: When changing vacuum bags or filters you should wipe down the inside of the vacuum to remove dirt and debris that could cause issues in the future. 

When To Replace Your Air Filter For A Commercial Vacuum

Compared to a vacuum being used simply to clean a home or apartment, maintenance and replacements are going to come quicker for commercial vacuum cleaners. If you are cleaning a large facility with a high frequency you are going to need to exchange your air filter a little earlier than if you are working with a small space. The type of facility you are cleaning can also affect when an air filter needs to be removed. Cleaning an apartment building, for example, is going to be nicer on an air filter than cleaning up piles of sawdust in a manufacturing facility. Always check your air filter for damage or build-up before cleaning, and generally always change out the filter every three months (potentially sooner if you are using the vacuum more frequently or for a larger space). 

Learn More About Bissell Vacuums

Different vacuums may have different maintenance needs. Additionally it is important to maintain your attachments and to get replacement parts if any part of your vacuum gets damaged. If you have questions about Bissell products or you need new parts or attachments, our team can help. Contact us for more information on Bissell commercial cleaning products via our contact form or by giving us a call.