Product Highlight: The BGC2000 aka The Little Hercules

Product Highlight: The BGC2000 aka The Little Hercules

If you are looking for a great canister vacuum for your commercial property, one great choice is the BGCC2000, also known as the Little Hercules. As the name suggests, this compact and lightweight vacuum carries a lot of strength making it perfect for cleaning around larger facilities.

The Versatility of The Little Hercules

Hercules himself made have had to overcome the 12 labors, but with the Little Hercules, you can tackle many more projects. First and foremost the Little Hercules is incredibly lightweight which makes it easy to move it throughout a property. The handle is designed to make this canister vacuum handheld so you can bring it from room to room. Additionally, with many different attachments and including different brush heads that come in a variety of shapes you can clean under and around furniture and in tight spaces. Combine this with the fifteen feet of power cord you can easily clean large rooms quickly. 

Other Canister Vacuums from Bissell


The BGC3000 is another versatile vacuum cleaner that combined with 8-piece tool kit can help you efficiently clean a larger area. Featuring a 30-foot power cord, this maneuverable vacuum is perfect for cleaning long hallways.

BGC3000B Battery Canister Vacuum

If you are looking for a cordless option for your canister vacuum, look no further than the BGC3000B, this variation on the BGC3000 features a rechargeable battery allowing the vacuum to be used in larger spaces.

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