How Sweepers Can Help With Your Agricultural Facility

How Sweepers Can Help With Your Agricultural Facility

Cleaning an agricultural facility can take a decent amount of time, based on the size of the operation. One way to make this process quicker is with a battery powered sweeper. Here at Bissell Commercial we provide a variety of great sweeper options. In this article we will go over a few of them and their unique benefits for cleaning agricultural facilities. 

The BGDFS29 Dust Free Sweeper

Featuring a side brush, the BGDFs29 is the perfect choice for facilities that need to clean large areas. This sweeper is designed for picking up dust and dirt, making it perfect for cleaning up straw, hay, and other debris on the floors of your agricultural facility. It is also great for outdoor use as well as indoor use. It can clean both dry and wet debris, and with the side brush it can effectively clean against walls, curbs, and other surfaces. This sweeper can help you quickly pick up dirt and debris in only a few short passes. 

The US-9 Large Battery Powered Sweeper

The US-9 Sweeper is perfect for anyone that needs to clean larger areas. Its battery provides three hours of cleaning and its hopper can hold 15 gallons of debris. It features an almost three-foot cleaning path making it perfect for larger projects. The US-9 Large sweeper is great for large indoor facilities as well as cleaning outdoor areas. 


• Dual side brushes and self-propelled operation.
• Durable rotomolded design is backed by a 5-
year limited warranty and side brush is
protected by brush bumper.
• Comes with battery and on-board charger.
• Boxed dimensions: 47in x 34in x 36 in (1200mm
x 854mm x 925mm)
• Shipping Weight : 300lb/137kg / Cu. Ft.: 34.29

The US-5 Large Battery Powered Sweeper

The US-5 Compact Sweeper is the perfect tool for any facility that requires maneuverability and fitting in tight spaces. With a two-foot cleaning path, this sweeper is great for cleaning around tight corners and in between aisles. Even with the compact design, this sweeper can hold up to 9.7 gallons of debris and also has a three-hour run time making it perfect for cleaning larger properties.

• Impressive maneuverability and compact design
for cleaning tight spaces and aisles.
• Sealed, maintenance-free batteries allow safe
cleaning, anytime, anywhere.
• Comes with battery and on-board charger.
• Boxed dimensions: 41in x 27in x 25 in (1040mm
x6800mm x 790mm)
• Shipping Weight : 121lb/55kg / Cu. Ft.: 16

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