The Importance Of Air Movers For Water Damage Cleanup

The Importance Of Air Movers For Water Damage Cleanup

As we approach the winter months one thing that might not be on your mind is flooding. In fact, many commercial and residential properties experience flooding for a variety of reasons during the winter. Coldwater in the pipes can lead to burst pipes or leaks. Snow build-up can cause structural damage to your property as well as cause leaking when snow begins to melt. For this reason, it is important for commercial and residential properties to invest in equipment that can help prevent water damage to their property. While there are many great companies that provide emergency water damage cleaning services, they will all tell you that the most important factor in damage clean=up is time. The faster you can get air movers in place, the better.

How Do Air Movers Work

The first thing to understand about water damage is that the longer water sits on your floors or near your walls, the more damage is done. Carpets, wood floors, and other materials can quickly get damaged by excess water leading to rot, mold/mildew, and costly repairs/replacement services. An air mover works by increasing the rate at which moisture evaporation takes place. By moving the moisture back into the air off of your floors and carpets, air movers can quickly dry an area. When water damage starts your goal should be to eliminate the source of the flooding and quickly dry the area.

What Air Movers Does Bissell Recommend?

At Bissell Commercial we sell a variety of different air movers including:

  • AM10D: This stackable air mover can be adjusted into four different positions making it perfect for drying hard floors, carpet, furniture, curtains, ceilings, etc. This heavy duty air mover can quickly clean up a flooded area.
  • AM5D: The AM5D is a smaller air mover perfect for smaller properties. It weighs just over 10 pounds and is also stackable. They are easily storable and are perfect for businesses and residential properties.
  • Hurricone: The hurricone combines a safety cone with a mobile drying machine. It is perfect for public areas of businesses that need to dry up wet areas after mopping or cleaning. The fan blows a continuous air flow in a 360-degree area up to 15 feet in diameter.

Shop Air Movers From Bissell Commercial

If you would like a recommendation for air movers for your property, please contact us. We would be happy to answer questions about our various products and make recommendations for your specific facility.