Bissell Cleaning Products For Apartment Buildings

Bissell Cleaning Products For Apartment Buildings

Every tenant wants to come home to a clean apartment building. And while renters are responsible for keeping their units clean, they expect the building manager to handle the shared amenities, hallways, bathrooms, lobbies, and similar areas. Fortunately, Bissell sells a variety of great products that can keep your floors, hallways, parking garages, and other common areas clean. Bissell products are versatile and durable, making them perfect for any property management company or commercial cleaning company.

Bissell FloorCare Products For Apartments

Bissell provides a variety of floor care products that can help clean carpets, hardwood, tile, and other floor materials. Our floor machines can effectively buff and polish your floors. And for carpeted areas, we highly recommend the BG10 Extractor. This is extractor is perfect for picking up dirt and stains out of carpets. It is a must-have for any properties that allow pets, as it can help effectively remove stains and odors from your carpet. And of course, we have a variety of great vacuum options for every size property. If you would like a recommendation on what vacuum product is best for your property, please give us a call.

Outdoor Sweepers For Outdoor Amenities

Whether you have an outdoor deck or patio, or you want to clean your parking garage, our sweepers are the perfect fit for your property. Our sweepers are designed to make it easy to quickly pick up dirt and other debris. We provide both manual sweepers and battery-powered sweepers. Our sweepers are designed around efficiency and can be easily stored as well. They are perfect for quickly removing wet and dry debris around the outside areas of your property. For smaller properties we recommend our regular manual sweepers, however, if you have a large multi-tiered parking garage, a battery-powered sweeper can help you clean even quicker.

Commercial Cleaning Products For Restrooms

Many apartment buildings have a few public bathrooms that are available for tenants and their guests. We provide a variety of great bathroom cleaning tools including floor scrubbing tools. Floor scrubbing tools like the BGCC1000 and the BGCC500 are perfect for cleaning tile floors, walls, as well as bathroom fixtures. These tools are lightweight and maneuverable making it easy to clean all areas of your bathroom and store your equipment after use.

Shop Commercial Bissell Cleaning Products

We sell a full catalog of Bissell cleaning products, attachments, solutions, and parts. If you have questions about anything in our inventory, want recommendations on what vacuums or other machines are best for your job, or would like clarification on any of the specs of our products, please give us a call or contact us through our online contact form!