Bissell Products For Cleaning Restaurants

Bissell Products For Cleaning Restaurants

There are many factors that affect how customers feel about their favorite restaurants. Food, pricing, even ambiance can play a role. But one factor that shouldn’t be overlooked is cleanliness. Great food at great prices won’t mean much if your restaurant is consistently messy. Here at Bissell Commercial, we provide a variety of great cleaning products that can help you keep your restaurant clean while also cutting down on cleaning time.

Bissell Products For Cleaning Commercial Kitchens

While your customers might not see the kitchen, a clean kitchen is the key to a functioning restaurant. Kitchens can get messy quickly and grease and other food splatter are very difficult to clean. When cleaning a commercial kitchen you need a tool that can effectively scrub away grease and food. The BGCC500 is a lightweight handheld scrubber that can quickly cut through grease and other stains with its two brushes. This style of product is perfect for cleaning all of the surfaces around your kitchen.

Bissell Products For Cleaning Dining Rooms

As for the dining areas of your restaurant, we offer a variety of great vacuum cleaners as well as other floor care products. Different vacuums have different advantages, but we highly recommend one of our simply upright vacuums. Our vacuums are designed around versatility as well as maneuverability, making it easy to clean up after a lunch or dinner rush. Additionally, an extractor is a great tool for lifting stains and debris out of carpets. The BG10 Extractor is one of our best-selling products because of its efficacy and ease of use.

Bissell Products For Cleaning Bathrooms

For cleaning bathrooms, you will again want to look into a tool that can effectively scrub and polish floors. We provide a variety of floor scrubbing tools that are perfect for restaurants. Like the BGCC500, the BGCC1000 is a perfect lightweight option for cleaning tiled surfaces. This machine can easily scrub and polish your bathroom and combined with the BGCC500 you can effectively clean your entire bathroom.

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