6 Industries High-Quality Vacuums are a Priority

6 Industries High-Quality Vacuums are a Priority


Keeping your business, facility, warehouse, or other commercial building clean and free of debris is crucial for the health and safety of your employees and visitors. With high-quality cleaning equipment, various businesses across different industries can ensure a clean facility.

While high-quality vacuums are not a priority for all industries, they are for these six.


Office buildings are notorious for poor air ciculation which can lead to illness spreading through the office like wildfire. When offices and air vents aren’t cleaned regularly, particles and irritants are trapped within the building and are re-circulated into the air.

By utilizing high-quality commercial vacuums with HEPA filters, 99% of these particles and irritants are removed from the air that is breathed by employees and visitors.


The number one priority of school faculty is keeping students safe. With surfaces throughout schools covered in bacteria and allergens, utilizing the right commercial vacuums and filters is crucial for keeping these surfaces clean and keeping students healthy.

Healthcare Facilities

In healthcare facilities, cleanliness is the number one priority. The cleanliness of a healthcare facility is not only important for the comfort of patients, their families, and staff, but also for their safety. By utilizing HEPA filters, healthcare facilities are able to eliminate the spread of harmful particles or bacteria.


The biggest issues warehouses face are poor air circulation and filtration. Because of this, dust and allergens are prone to building up on shelving, storage, and on the warehouse floor. With high-quality filtration vacuums, this dust and allergen build-up is eliminated, workers stay healthier, and products are easily accessible.

Cleaning Companies

Commercial cleaning companies need to utilize the best cleaning equipment to ensure the properties they are cleaning are cleaned to perfection. Utilizing high-quality vacuums also helps build trust and reputation with their clients.

Disaster Recovery

Water, ash, smoke, dust, and debris are all results of natural disasters. When it comes to recovering properties that were the victim of a natural disaster, high-quality vacuums and vacuum filters are extremely important for ensuring the efficient and proper clean-up of these debris. With Bissell BigGreen Commercial vacuums, disaster recovery is efficient and smooth.

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