Why You Should Stop Buying Residential Vacuums for Commercial Jobs

Why You Should Stop Buying Residential Vacuums for Commercial Jobs

woman using Bissell Vacuum on tile floor

Purchasing a vacuum for your commercial property seems like an easy task but all too often, residential vacuums are purchased for these large spaces leaving employees frustrated when they don’t suck everything up. While residential vacuums seem like the logical, cost-effective option, commercial vacuums are built to be used on a more frequent basis, take more abuse, and are more powerful than residential options.

The Benefits of a Commercial Vacuum

While commercial vacuums do tend to be more costly compared to their residential counterparts, due to their longer lifespan, they cost less overtime. They allow your business to be cleaned properly, the first time around, and always allow you a positive first impressive to your customers.

Readily Available Replacement Parts

If you run into an issue with your commercial vacuum, requiring you to replace a part, it’s easy to purchase these replacement parts straight from the manufacturer or a local distributor making the replacement process extremely simple. With residential vacuums, many big box stores do not keep these parts stocked, making the process lengthier.

Built to Last

Commercial vacuums are built specifically to be used on a regular basis, sucking up more dirt, dust, and debris, and being thrown around. The cords are typically longer and the body of the vacuums tends to be heavier. The structural integrity of these machines will ensure you’re not cleaning the same spot numerous times before it’s finally cleared. Residential vacuums aren’t built to be used multiple times per day and will have a shorter lifespan when used in a commercial setting.

More Powerful

Since commercial vacuums are built specifically for commercial purposes, they are more powerful and can suck up more in a single pass versus residential options.

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