Commercial Carpet Cleaning Tips: Using a Commercial Carpet Shampooer

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Tips: Using a Commercial Carpet Shampooer

A Bissell carpet cleaner is an essential tool for keeping carpets clean and fresh in any facility.

Creating a positive impression and safe environment for customers and employees is a top goal of facilities in every industry. Nothing can spoil a good first impression quicker than stained, dirty or smelly carpet. Tracked-in dirt, food stains, road salt, grease and accidental coffee spills can diminish the appearance of your carpet in the blink of an eye.

We highly recommend adopting a routine carpet maintenance program that includes twice-daily carpet cleanings for high-traffic areas of your facility and weekly cleanings for areas that see less traffic. Regularly caring for your carpet with a Bissell carpet cleaner is the best way to extend its life, keep your facility looking its best and create a healthy environment.

Components of a Carpet Maintenance Program

Although no two facilities are the same, most will need to incorporate the following three types of cleaning into their maintenance program:

Regular removal of dry soil.

As much as 75% of carpet soil is dry and can be removed with an upright vacuum. We recommend daily cleaning for high-traffic areas and at least weekly cleaning for those with less traffic. You can prevent some dry soil from entering the building by installing mats at entrances.

Interim cleaning.

Oily, greasy soils will require a different type of cleaning. We recommend using an absorbent pad, encapsulation or dry foam to deal with these types of spots when they occur.

Routine deep cleanings with a Bissell Carpet Cleaner

The only way to remove imbedded soil from your carpets is to perform a deep cleaning. We highly recommend using a Bissell carpet cleaner, like a commercial carpet shampooer or a commercial carpet extractor. These tools are designed to rid your carpet of debris that has made its way all the way down to the fibers lining the pads. A commercial carpet shampooer, for example, relies on a high-foaming detergent and a bristled brush to clean. The brush’s agitation suspends the soils, and the vacuum component removes both the soil and detergent.

We highly recommend that carpets that haven’t been properly maintained undergo a deep cleaning with a commercial carpet extractor, like the BG10. This machine represents the very best in commercial deep cleaning and features two motors and DirtLifter power brush, two large-capacity tanks, an Easy-Clean brush roller and an adjustable handle for comfortable use. The portable design and ability to clean both forward and back make it an extremely efficient way to restore your carpets and keep them looking like new. If you are interested in learning more about this and other Bissell carpet cleaners, contact us today!